Ryder Cup Profile #4 - Exclusive on how Thomas Pieters got the Ryder Cup pick!

Ryder Cup Profile #4 - Exclusive on how Thomas Pieters got the Ryder Cup pick!

Age - 24

Nationality - Belgian

Celebrity lookalike - Zach Morris - Saved by the Bell


Mini profile

Tall, blonde and big hitting in form Belgian destined for the top according to European Captain Darren Clarke.

Super talented natural athlete, his Tommy Fleetwood inspired hair and size would look as at home in an NBA kit as a V-Neck sweater. Think house music you don't know, Japanese food, dating Italian models and other things that young, gifted, rich and handsome Europeans do.


Most likely to say

“Stop comparing me to Nicolas Colsaerts”


Least likely to say

"I'm getting my hair cut so I can fit in on the PGA Tour


Reason he got picked

He threatened Darren Clarke in a #GCW interview...

#GCW - If you had to fight someone on tour who would it be?

Pieters - Darren Clarke

#GCW - So you don't fancy going to the Ryder Cup then?!

Pieters - Hahaha, ah yeah, maybe don’t write that!

(We wrote it!)

#GCW - Why did you say Darren Clarke out of interest?

Pieters - I don’t know, I just don’t think he’d be that fast you know?


So there is a lesson to all European Tour players. Physically threaten the captain and you'll be sure to get a pick!

Check his two #GCW interviews in full out here and here. They'll open out in new tabs so you can read the rest of this first!


Looking more like Wayne Lineker every passing day


Semi-serious stuff

The outstanding club junior has been picked for the seniors team by team captain and junior organizer Darren Clarke over the claims of talented club member (away) Russell Knox, whose time spent at other more prestigious clubs, and lack of friends counted against him.

Talent wise, there is no doubt that Tommy P has it all. Like all juniors, he hits it miles, looks effortless, has a great short game and cans everything.

What’s not to like?

The amount of shots it will take Zach Johnson to get to a Pieters' drive

The amount of shots it will take Zach Johnson to get to a Pieters' drive

A stellar Ryder Cup qualification with three wins including, Made in Denmark, the final event before the cut off, where he played with and impressed the captain, earning him a wildcard as he finished just outside the automatic places.

Despite the promise, the wins, (Czech Masters and KLM Open) did not include anything like the quality of the Ryder Cup. In Majors (Open T30th, PGA 86th ), and WGC (23rd ) he does not have the experience and pedigree of some others, but Captain Clarke has seen something he likes, and wants to give him a try, based on his length and long term promise.

Following on from the success of his older golf brother Nicolas Colsaerts, would be best picked alongside a steady Ryder Cup veteran, probably with the first name Lee. If he can produce a 62, as his fellow massive Belgian did alongside happy spectator Westwood vs Woods and Stricker, in what has been described as “the greatest Ryder Cup debut in history”, then it will be an inspired selection.

If he can handle the pressure and the high quality of golf, could be a revelation. As Colsaerts said memorably following his 62, 'it’s all about what you have in your pants.'

We'll find out the size of Tommy P's stones in Minnesota.


What would happen if he got in a fight with Dustin Johnson?

Size wise, he would need to fill out a little bit but hopefully will learn enough to batter him when he grows up.

Clarke behind him shitting himself... TP knows.


Most likely sponsor to come in if he has good Ryder Cup?

Any Airline promoting legroom


Female view from our writer Lara...

90 - Baby-faced,  strong jawline, perfect skin and a fine set of brown curls mean he is likely to become golf’s latest heartthrob. Rickie who?


Ryder Cup Ultimate Team Europe Stats

(POP - Popularity, SEXY - How fit is he? INTIM - How scared will the Americans be? LAD - How much of a lad is he? FORM - What's his form like? TWIT - How good is he on Twitter? OVERALL rating in the top left corner)

He's one of those annoying guys that's got everything and you can't dislike him because he's pretty cool too. Big #GCW fan, has Twitter banter and doesn't take himself too seriously!

Scores well all round... which is probably true in real life too!


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