Rory McIlroy - 'The Jug-Eared Washing Machine Smasher Come Good'

Rory McIlroy - 'The Jug-Eared Washing Machine Smasher Come Good'

Age: 27

Nationality: Northern Irish

Nicknames: Rors, Wee-Mac, The Time Master

Smashing his neighbour's washing machine

Mini Profile

The little rat-eared kid from outside Belfast got his big break chipping golf balls into washing machines. His Dad Gerry had 42 jobs to support his son's golf addiction and one of their scams was to send the wee Rory around breaking machines with 7-iron bullet chips to create business.

The rest is history... 


Things I'd do to have his golf swing...

Punch my gran

Work 10 years straight in McDonalds

Eat a McDonalds


Most likely to say

"Where's my Scotty Cameron?"


Least likely to say

"How's the women's tennis getting on?"


Man like Frampton


The female perspective by our writer Lara...

74 - Now grown up and putting the frizzy mullet and man boobs behind him, Rory has become a gym addict, although I'm not sure which one I prefer?


What would happen if he had a fight with Bubba Watson?

Despite conceding size you'd back Rory, with a bit of training from his mate Frampton, to wipe the smirk off Bubba's face. 

Even without training he must have picked up a few things from shopping trips into Belfast as a child.


Most likely sponsor to come in if he has good Ryder Cup?

Rory already has too much money, he should give some back. Maybe put a round of drinks behind the bar of every golf club in the UK?

#ARoundOnRory with Peroni... yes please.


Writer's Comments

The man who has a history of popping his cork a little early is built like Superman with a golf swing that is both beautiful and brutal. His putting can often be his Kryptonite, but he seems to have overcome that of late – an ominous sign for Team USA.

I don’t care if it’s the Dustin Bomber or Jordan Speith or Lefty or whoever, there isn’t a player on the American side that can live with him on a Sunday at the Ryder Cup..

At Gleneagles the American’s publically 'targeted' our curly haired talisman; give Rickie Fowler a call to see how that worked out. If they’re sensible they’ll smile and nod politely because if he gets fired up and his putter works there isn’t a better player on the planet. FACT.

For years the American lamented the fact that Tiger Woods wasted his best golf on tournaments labelled 'Majors' – whatever they are.

We don’t suffer that same issue with Rory, given the fact that he hasn’t had the year he wanted and his playing for his good friend, Captain Clarke, expect a fired up display of brilliance this weekend – as long as he sets his alarm of course!

Fourth appearance at this Exhibition Match – never been on the losing side, unbeaten in singles and delivered a career eight points. 

A reunion pairing with Sergio is mouth-watering but I wouldn’t mind seeing a foursomes pairing with Andy Sullivan – Rory hits every green and Sully just grins and drains putts.


Ryder Cup Ultimate Team Europe Stats

(POP - Popularity, SEXY - How fit is he? INTIM - How scared will the Americans be? LAD - How much of a lad is he? FORM - What's his form like? TWIT - How good is he on Twitter? OVERALL rating in the top left corner)

He's without doubt the star man and is the highest scoring European overall. Popular, intimidating Americans, coming off a win and his Twitter account even has the odd gem when he's allowed to use it!

Rory is a very tempting 4/1 to be the leading European points scorer.

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