The 32-year old Golf Club President

The 32-year old Golf Club President

I am at this moment Vice President of Mellor and Townscliffe Golf Club. Next year I will be President which will make me the youngest in the club's history at 32.

I was approached quite some time ago to take up this role but had reservations mainly due to the fact I would be getting married this year, but after conversations with my fiancé she convinced me to go for it.

I've been a member there since I was 14 and was far from a model Junior. I was argumentative with senior members, mainly due to the fact that things I was accused of were completely untrue and unlike most juniors refused to just accept, that because they were older they were right. I set my stall out early.

After the initial run ins and the realisation they wouldn't get away with their bollocks I was soon left alone and shown a certain respect!

Mellor and Townscliffe isn't the biggest, best, longest or easiest to get to club in the world but it's mine and I love it. The fact it's the number one course in Stockport, even though there's a club up round that has held Open qualifiers, makes me love it even more. It's not long but it's tight, the greens are the quickest in the area and the views from the top just amazing.

I constantly hear people my age and younger complaining that the sport or club are stuck in the past and need to move on but none step up or even try to change the status quo, this is one of the reasons I want to do this.

I want to try and bring some fun or something different to the club or even just President's Day, or even show my peers the only way to make changes is to step up and just have a go.

At the end of the day the future of the club is in our hands and the current view or council members won't be there forever. If we want change we have to force it through.

So I'll let you know how I get on.

But I'd urge other young people that talk online on social media or in the clubhouse about their clubs or golf as a whole to step up and give it a go.

If Donald Trump can be a President, so can you!

Overwhelmed 32-year old golfer looking forward to a year as Club President!