Ryder Cup Profile #6 - 'The Green Jacketed Devvo'

Ryder Cup Profile #6 - 'The Green Jacketed Devvo'

Age: 28

Nationality: Northern

Nickname: Wanny Dillett

Celebrity/Film/TV Star: Devvo


Mini Profile

Danny was born and raised in Sheffield, where he found time to play golf with sheep, whilst all the other lads were drinking down the local rec. 

He has of course made up for it in recent years, coming out of the traps and winning pretty much anything he sets his eyes on. The only thing he’s losing currently, is his hair.

Now a family man with a little boy and a pug, he has very much settled down both at home and on tour. 

Sign of things to come?

The Masters…

Of course we had to mention this. Winning one of the greatest competitions in golf is no walk in the park. It’s actually a walk on one of the toughest courses on tour and this win was something no British had achieved for 20 years. Hats off.

But enough of the brown nosing. Yes we enjoyed the masterclass, but what we really enjoyed was his brother’s Twitter story. 


“Spieth is lining up his putt. If I’m quick I can get a beer, go to the toilet, and paint the spare room b4 he hits it.”

“If the boy does what he should, I will be able to say ‘I’ve shared a bath with a Masters winner - brilliant”

“Green makes you look fat, refuse the jacket”

“My boy has got massive bollocks”

This was the real winner that day Danny.

2nd best golf account on Twitter


What would happen if he got in a fight with Dustin Johnson

Willett would smash him. He’s the Devvo of the team.


Most memorable moment?

Ordering a case of blue WKD’s after winning the Masters. He then proceeded to Oceana with Sulli and the lads.


Least memorable moment?

Surely snapping his winning Masters putter at Oakmont closely followed by blaming the marshall for making a bogey back at the 2015 Masters!


Writer’s Comment

In my eyes, he’s first on the team sheet. His form this year has been excellent with a scoring average of 70.33 (7), as well as topping the points list in the Race to Dubai so far this season.

Where would I stick him? Probably in the latter end of the singles. He’s constantly got a face like he’s going to murder your children, but that’s purely down to how focused he is when he plays. He’ll get the crowd going and I think he’ll bring home the bacon in the singles.

As for the pairings, he’d probably suit playing with Rose. They can talk about families and winning medals and majors, whilst barely breaking a sweat in the golf.

It would be a comfortable, mature 2&1 win, where they would proceed to sip on scotch at the bar with their wives and children, telling stories of the day's events. How lovely.

Can he down a pint?

Yes probably. He’s northern and I don’t know a northerner who can’t neck a pint!


Willett off the course


Can he rap like Devvo?

No. Stick to the golf.


What We Like...

How he can back a van in
His putting
His Mrs
His Brother
His current streak without a three putt (21 rounds!)


Ryder Cup Ultimate Team Europe Stats

(POP - Popularity, SEXY - How fit is he? INTIM - How scared will the Americans be? LAD - How much of a lad is he? FORM - What's his form like? TWIT - How good is he on Twitter? OVERALL rating in the top left corner)

Dependable, solid and no nonsense Northern lad. Highest rating is intimidation just for those eyes staring down his tee shot on the 16th on Sunday at Augusta... scary!

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