Ryder Cup Profile #7 - 'Kevin Bacon with a facelift'

Ryder Cup Profile #7 - 'Kevin Bacon with a facelift'

Age - 40

Nickname - The Iceman

Nationality - From the Land of Zlatan

Lookalikes - Kevin Bacon with a facelift


Piss off, I'm on O2

Mini Profile

Cool, calm and collected (when he’s not snapping drivers like he did at the BMW in 2013). Laughs about the fact he’s only the second most famous sportsman to come out of Sweden. Probably.


Most likely to be found

At the Sky Cart managing to piss off every member of the Sky Sports team who has to deal with him.


Least likely to be found

Hitting a driver off the tee thanks to his incredible distance with a 3-wood


Sorry mate, -17 in a hurricane? Still no good!

What would happen if he got in a fight with Phil Mickelson?

Well… He already did on the Sunday at Troon. And we all know how that turned out.


The Female Perspective from our writer Lara...

78 - Interesting hairstyle (read: looks like he stuck his finger in a plug socket) but he wades into the water in just some tighty whiteys he just about makes up for it. 

Swedish meatballs


The combined amount golfers would bid to hit a 3-wood off the tee like him




Stenson would be a great laugh to play with thanks to his dry sense of humour, but the most annoying to play against for the same reason.

Like the guy on the junior team who always turned up still drunk from the night before, cigarette in hand, but still creams his opener 260 down the middle of the fairway, the one guy you always hoped you didn’t have to walk 18 holes with when you were lining up on the tee.

Put him with Rose and watch the Yanks lose their shit as they get pounded into submission by the in-form duo.


What will he do if Europe win the Ryder Cup?

Probably wouldn’t be the first on the dancefloor, but wouldn’t be scared to kick off his Sunday shoes after a few Absolut Vodkas.


Can he actually play golf though?

His first major win, a silver medal at the Olympics and $6.89million in prize money this year speaks for itself. His Ryder Cup record isn't the best, but then again, neither was his major record prior to this year.


Ryder Cup Ultimate Team Europe Stats

(POP - Popularity, SEXY - How fit is he? INTIM - How scared will the Americans be? LAD - How much of a lad is he? FORM - What's his form like? TWIT - How good is he on Twitter? OVERALL rating in the top left corner)

Second best card in the pack and just pipped by Rory overall. Class all round the board and you don't want to draw him in the singles!

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