PJ Willett, American fans and boring build ups

My God the build up to the Ryder Cup build up is boring.

Stories out of nothing, ridiculous over-analysis and more stories out of nothing hit us like a wet fish before the action starts Friday.

Phil Mickelson didn’t rate a couple of team captains. Who cares?

Matt Fitzpatrick played with Rafa Cabrera-Bello on a practice round. Who cares?

Willett’s brother slagged off every American person in an article. Who cares?

Actually quite a lot of people on that last one but you get the point…

DL3 cares

Setting the scene...

When the first tee shot is hit on Friday morning in Minnesota sport, fierce competition and incredible golf will take the lead and hopefully nothing will spoil that for three days straight.

(Ah maybe Monty will, but let’s try to remain positive!)

The Americans understandably really care about this one. 

They’ve lost six of the last seven and set up a Task Force to rectify this. So far it seems to have lead to five Vice-Captains including the greatest sportsman of all time dishing out turkey sandwiches according to Jimmy Walker.

Following on the tone of sarcasm Danny Willett’s brother PJ’s recent article had its fair share in, although once again this shouldn’t really be a story.  

The problem though, was surprisingly for PJ, it had some pretty lazy stereotypes in there too which is fairly obviously going to rub people up the wrong way across the pond. As soon as this happens, the media gagging for any kind of story, before a ball has been hit, start asking Clarke, Love and WIllett for reactions and they come out with the party lines.

Darren cares

Pointless distractions

All another pointless and boring distraction from the action we are all gagging for.

If I was Danny Willett I would be livid to be fair. You work so hard, hitting thousands of balls, to get to the pinnacle of your sport and your brother writes a random article meaning you’ll get more abuse than you would have gotten anyway.

If my brother wrote an article on me with all the dirt he has I’d probably be in prison… and therefore I’d be equally livid. But I’m a free man as we stand and absolutely buzzing for all these distractions and dull stories to end and the real sport to start.

But unlike other sports where a bit of needle or build up can hype a crowd up to create a real atmosphere, in golf, especially in the Ryder Cup, there is a real chance of it boiling over.

The vast majority of American golf fans are incredible. Unbelievably positive, respectful and they love their sport… but just like in every country in the world they have their idiots. Over there they can be easily identified as they shout ‘Ba Ba Booey’ or ‘Mashed Potatoes’ with all the intellect of a mashed potato.

America cares

Notably in Kiawah Island and Brookline crowds got encouraged to be a bit silly, and in a time over in America where a couple of idiots have been encouraged so much they are chatting shit to each other to see who runs the country, it doesn’t need any more idiots to be encouraged.

The problem is if they are it can affect what is one of the purest sporting contests there are. 

One where our stars battle for their lives, with everything we they have got, but can have a beer and shake hands with their American cousins afterwards.

That is what golf is about. That is what sport is about. And that is universal.

So let’s cut the shit and get on with it!

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