The #GCW Ryder Cup Betting Guide

The #GCW Ryder Cup Betting Guide

The Ryder Cup. Basically a competition to ensure one side of the Atlantic has bragging rights for the next two years and a great big party on Sunday evening. Not really sure which of the two powers more motivation within the players but I am looking forward to the players post-Sunday social media. 

So other than some amazing golf what can we expect this week?

I hazard a guess that it will feature some questionable outfits, the parade of WAGs (provoking the usual comments that if they didn't have plenty of ££ in the bank they would not be able to pull such fit women, erm yeah and…), fiery competition and of course some patriotic craic between the two teams.

As well as all this, the next few days serves as a great opportunity to have a little gamble. Even better news is that #GCW has teamed up with Genting Bet to give readers a FREE £25 bet through this link. What more could you want? 


Team betting?

Now where should you place your little wager? Personally I would forget backing either team to win as I do not have a bank balance that even matches the loose change down the back of Rory’s sofa.

Obviously if you have thousands to gamble on even money shots then crack on, or if you are feeling very adventurous you can back the draw at 11-1 but seriously how boring would that result be?

Genting have the US as favourites at 8-15 with the European team at 15-8 so your £25 would yield £13.33 and £46.88 profit respectively. 

For the majority of us the big books involve the top European point scorer and the American equivalent.

Top players

Genting also have a fab market for the top overall points scorer (these prices are in bold in the text below).

Now I know the players are all hoping to score the victory but in reality we know they secretly want to be the one that delivers for everyone else. In other competitions I believe previous course form is a great advantage, as well as anyone who has hit a patch of form.

However, for this week throw the rule book out of the window and back players who are full of passion and have excelled previously at Match Play. 

From the European bench the obvious pick for me is Sergio Garcia at 13-2 (14-1). Serge has a superb Ryder Cup record, he has scored points in 20 of his 28 matches to date, he is seriously competitive and he has had a lovely break the last few weeks having missed the cut in the Fedex Final. 

The other player who you can not miss on the home bench is of course Rory McIlroy. Young Rory battled his way to a stunning Tour Championship on Sunday and we know he has the attitude to take on this challenge and succeed. Rory is the favourite at 7-2 (13-2)

Fancy a left field pick? Ryder Cup rookie Matthew Fitzpatrick is bullish but needs to mature into his game. Depending on his playing partners and his day one attitude he could be a tasty outside pick at 14-1 (40-1).


From the US side you cannot ignore Patrick Reed at 6-1 (12-1). Fatty Patty is another who has a true fighting spirit. This year’s Barclays hero made his Ryder Cup debut in 2014 and did not lose a game. He was the top points scorer with 3.5/4, why is here not favourite I hear you ask?

Well Dustin Johnson is at 7-2 (13-2). He sat out the 2014 Ryder Cup due to ‘Personal Reasons’ and prior to last Sunday he deserved his top spot within this market.

However DJ took a blow in confidence losing the Tour Championship due to an error ridden final round and he will need to bounce back to land the spoils here.

FYI: DJ made his debut in 2010, scoring a single point. However he fared better in 2012 with three. 

The other USA player I would recommend is Matt Kuchar. The experienced Kuch is 11-1 (22-1). He has a good record in this event, winning points in six of his 11 matches, plus he has won a Match Play event. 


The teams feature eight rookies. Genting offer ⅓ odds for 1-2 with the favourite being this year’s Masters Champ Danny Willett at 15-4. The pocket rocket Matt Fitz is at 6-1.

Would not bother with an each way gamble here but I do like the final USA Wildcard Ryan Moore at 5-1. After his Tour Championship second to Rory, Ryan’s confidence is sky high and his match play record is pretty damn good.

Overall score... 

Personally, along with the majority of punters, I think the USA will march to victory. I do hate to follow the crowd but they have a strong list of contenders and the Europeans may be equipped with the likes of Rory and Serge but there is also an element of the unknown with half of the team having never played on this stage before.

However there are some surprisingly USA statistics knocking around too, namely Rickie Fowler, who has had a pretty dire 2016 in terms of both on course play and fashion, and has NEVER won a Ryder Cup match.

Therefore I do not think it will be a complete walk over and we could have some edge of the seat stuff come Sunday. A score of USA 15.5 and Europe 12.5 could well be realistic. You can back this at 10-1. Fancy another European miracle? Then back Europe 14.5 USA 13.5 at 11-1

NB: All prices correct as of Monday 26th September



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