Team Europe - Why the 'underdogs' win every time (and will again!)

Team Europe - Why the 'underdogs' win every time (and will again!)

The Europe we care about...

All we’ve been bombarded about for the last six months is Europe, Europe, Europe.

About leaving it and people who you wouldn’t want a pint with telling you to do stuff.

Well if you’re like anything me you were bored of that within about 12 minutes.

What I am more interested about when it comes to Europe is the one of sport’s greatest rivalries and events… The Ryder Cup.

The big money PGA Tour state travelling superstars against the an odd mix of golfers from unique and different nations and cultures on a global, yet less recognised tour.

And that’s just it...

It’s seemingly not good for one side to wallop the other every two years to be the best… it’s got to be about money. So what better inspiration than the stuff we hear every two years. Stuff like ‘Who is Chris Wood?’ or ‘The Americans look good on paper’.

It happens every time...

And right about this time, about three weeks before the event, you see something. It happens every time.

The mix and match Europeans galvanise, no doubt inspired by all the chat.

Less concerned about Fed-Ex points than focusing and peaking at the biggest event in golf… like Usain Bolt going through the rounds to perform at an Olympic 100m final.

It’s uncanny.

First in was Europe’s most experienced player. Westwood showing no real form nearly wins The Masters and hasn’t missed a cut since. He hasn’t done anything overly special until an ominous fourth in Switzerland and with a record like his you just know he’ll deliver when the time comes.

But what about the worries of Europe’s wunderkid? The superstar Rory can’t putt, he’s lost it, how will they cope? Bosh, three weeks to go, he changes putter, holes a boatload and wins in style.

There’s no doubting the class of proven performers Stenson, Rose and Garcia who have all had big wins in recent weeks and have more Ryder Cup points than the whole US team.

But what about the rookies?

Sullivan, Matt Fitz and Chris Wood are absolute lads. You just get the feeling these working class football fanatics will love the big crowds and animosity in America and not back down. Don’t ask me why… you just get the feeling they have the character!

Then you’ve got The Masters champ WIllett who is back trending the right way and to cap it off some absolute continental specimens in Kaymer, Cabrera-Bello and in Thomas Pieters one of the most in form golfers on the planet right now.

And do you know what? Every European reading this who watches these guys week in week out knows all this and this is why we’re all quietly very confident.

Unbeknown to most Americans Europe has a hugely strong team. One that will trend all the way up until Hazeltine where they will play for each other and their continent and bring home the cup once again.

Add to this the most popular captain Europe has probably ever had, who has the ability to play the friendly arm round the shoulder just as well as the angry, tubthumping inspirational battle cry, it's the perfect mix.

And no matter what Nigel Farage or Boris Johnson does it’s written in the stars, the 12 of them on the flag, the 12 of them on that plane and the 12 of them playing a brand of golf very rarely seen.

25 days. Let’s have it!

I'm the Managing Editor at The Club. I like putting and Rioja. I dislike my low slice.