The Club Pro-blem

There are many things wrong with golf clubs. Stupid & pointless rules, creation of more stupid and pointless rules, and enforcement of stupid & pointless rules being the three main ones.

And sadly it seems, the golf club environment seems to rub off on the man who spends most time there, the humble club pro.

Now they are not all like this... but I've met a lot that are...

Once an aspiring tour player, with the world at his (not her, lady club pros aren’t like this) feet, the club pro has at some stage lost that opportunity or given up on those dreams, and instead finds himself sat in a small shop.

And that change, from the next Severiano to a small businessman has taken its toll.

The biggest problem is that a lot of pros don’t like their job. They had dreams that faltered, but unlike everyone else, they have to stare at them every day.

Ed note... Got no idea what this guy is like. From Wakefield apparently?

By the time they are 40, they have seen every aspiring superstar, heard every shit golf joke, yet are stuck there for another 20 years, pretending to be mates with this year's Captain in club matches.

I can sympathise, but it doesn’t help me, members or potential members who need a welcoming, friendly and enthusiastic face when coming to the club.

In my experience very few pros seem to be liked by members, and very few seem to care.

Being nice, friendly and approachable is skill, and would lead to more sales, more lessons, more visitors and more members.

Lighten up guys, we understand, laugh at the Mars Bar seller jokes in the same way you laugh at our swings, be helpful, and make the best of it. Golf needs you!


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