Secret Club Pro - Some members haven't got a clue!

Secret Club Pro - Some members haven't got a clue!

I really believe that playing with some club members is wasted on them.

Playing captain and pro matches should be a rare opportunity for club members to play with their club professional, watch a higher level of golf and learn first hand how to get the golf ball around the golf course.

A recent round playing in a monthly Captain and Pro match got me wondering what do the some members think about when they play and are they really aware of their surroundings?

The Captain, my playing partner, is receiving more than a shot a hole from me and the opposition are getting 18 each, a shot a hole, easy enough to remember. 

Four holes in and no input from the captain. I am one under par and we are three down! I'm thinking am I really giving up my time for these two guys wearing sombreros to kick my arse with shots on every hole? To humiliate me and go and brag to their pals how they stuffed the Pro and Captain.

Well the next hole a Par 3 'El Capitan' gets two shots and is biggin' himself up as he makes a four nett two and wins the hole. Except the opposition have picked up before they reach the ladies tee so not sure he realised they had given us the hole. But anyway he felt better about his round. A round that so far had been an embarrassment!

We lose the next hole to a nett birdie and we are three down after six!!!!

Ed - No idea who these chaps are. Just look like golf club members.

So here I go I'm not getting a dog license by these two no way! I then proceeded to rattle off birdie, birdie, birdie, birdie over the next four holes. Fucking get in there! But how comes matey boy gets a 'Good shot' for his 50 yard drive and yet I get not a mention for any of mine, as if that's what I'm meant to do?!

I won one hole from my four birdies! One! And we're still two down! At this stage I'm thinking FML.

Then the comment of the day...

'Don't worry partner we'll claw them back in over the next few!'

I just made four birdies and not a dent in the match. You haven't pulled your finger out your arse on the entire front nine and yet 'we're' going to claw them back in. Ok pal!

A couple more birdies for me on the back nine, thankfully some bad holes from the other team and we do eventually get them back in the match and eventually pass them after another birdie and the match is over we win 3&2, all the while 'El Capitan' has been on a lap of honour, for what I don't know?!

A further two great chances at birdie on the last two holes and I could of been nine under par but had to settle for seven.

A bloody good round if I do say so myself! And believe me not something that happens everyday... if it did I wouldn't be a club pro!

Walking off the 18th, playing partners said to me 'Well pro you seemed to play OK today, pleasure to play with you.'

'Yeh I played nice shot seven under,' just to make sure they actually realised how well I played!

'Really? Seven under? Didn't look like it. When they score seven under on the tele it looks much more spectacular!'

And that's it folks. I really don't think some club golfers have any idea what is going on around them on a golf course, with their partners or generally in life!

I might be listening to you!