Why it REALLY doesn't matter 'What's In The Bag'

Why it REALLY doesn't matter 'What's In The Bag'

There was a photo of Rory McIlroy’s bag today and he had some new clubs in there. Callaway irons, some Vokey wedges in his white Nike bag and people go mad for it.

I don’t get it personally, maybe I’m the odd one out?!

Rory hits it forever, swings a golf club at 120mph with perfect technique and hasn’t missed the sweetspot since he was 7-years old. He is a freak. 

And so are the rest of the tour players. Watching them up close they play a different game, they strike the ball incredibly and are at the highest of levels.

So what on earth is the relevance to Dave down the golf club playing off 17 who is looking at ‘What’s in the bag’ and thinking any of it is relevant to his 200 yard slice?

It’s like watching Lewis Hamilton’s in his 2017 Mercedes and thinking you need it for the Wednesday ‘Big Shop’ to Tescos!

Even worse is all the manufacturers boasting about all their tour players like that means anything either... Of course they play your ball, you’re paying them shitloads to do it!!!

Also they’re probably so good anyway they could shoot 66 with a snooker ball!

If there was any major differences in clubs at the top level these players would not be giving a competitive advantage away by signing up to play inferior clubs right? They don’t need the money.

So if there isn’t any difference with these specimens then there certainly won’t be much with regular punters at the golf club who hit a foot behind the ball?

That’s not to say don’t buy new clubs.

We all love shiny things, going down to your local pro and getting fit can really benefit your game and technology does advance. Test them all out and find which one you prefer.

Just it seems odd to be influenced by what Rory McIlroy does.

He is not like you.

I'm the Managing Editor at The Club. I like putting and Rioja. I dislike my low slice.