5 Ways To Make Sure People Let You Play Through

5 Ways To Make Sure People Let You Play Through

Rob McEvoy is a #GCW writer. He REALLY doesn't like slow play and has his own special ways of getting on with things! Do you agree? Are his methods too extreme or not extreme enough?

Anyway, over to Rob...

Jason Day recently, and infamously, stated 'if I have to back off five times, then I will'. When he says this, backing off five times, he means over one shot. Not in a round. Not in a year. One shot!  

At your club, you can probably count the members who back off any shots on one hand. It’s not something that club golfers do, because it feels very strange, and leaves you open to ridicule when you top it. It’s a fair statement to say that Jason Day is a lot mentally stronger than your average club golfer.

And this is good, because in the quest to play quicker rounds of golf, people with less mental strength can be made to hurry up. Your actions, in the group behind, can make the group in front speed up, and you can do this without being obvious, which is good for you, and everyone else. 

Here’s my guide to applying a little hurry up on the course...

1 - Be Visible

No point being like this guy hidden behind a bush

A great way to create pressure is to be visible to the group in front at all times. This is more difficult than it seems, as the best place to be seen is on the fairway. At least one of your group needs to hit the fairway every hole, ideally in the middle, so when they look back from the green, they see you ready to hit.

Secondly, if your ball is on the fairway, you’re not wasting time looking for it. Obviously, the most surefire way to be let through is to be good. A couple of massive drives and good approaches will clear the tee in no time, but if you can’t do that, being visible is the best you can do.


2 - Play Faster

Maybe not this quick

To make the group in front play faster, you have to play faster yourselves, in an un-obvious manner.

We don’t mean running down the fairway, but think about where you lose time, and cut it out. Put your bag in the right place. Stop waiting on tees to hit once in a lifetime drives. Take a 3 wood and get moving. Stop getting the perfect distance when the answer to how far you hit your 7-iron is about 150. Stop taking five minutes to line up every putt and be more generous with the gimmies... ANNNND BREATHEEE!

Simple things, but you’ll save minutes every hole.


3 - You are NOT Tiger Woods

Any excuse to use this photo

Why do you have a routine? If you don’t know, then you don’t need one,  and if you do have one why does it take so long? A quick routine would be just as good.  

Have you ever seen any footballer’s take a practice penalty? It’s never happened. There is nothing worse than watching a 28 handicapper take three practice swings, all of them different. Just #GetOnWithIt.


4 - Don’t get angry

Me after a double

Everyone knows playing behind a slow group is one of the worst things ever, but the moment you get angry, you lose.

Firstly, angry golf is bad golf, you will start hitting bad shots, and no one is being let through when they are in the cabbage. Even worse, you might hit through them, which despite there being no injuries ever, will have a detrimental effect.

No one wants to be nice to people who look angry. Chill out and it might happen.


5 - Let people through yourself

New way of letting people play though

Repeat after me...

“Come through lads”

“Do you mind if we play up this hole with you, and then you carry on”

Not difficult was it. Nobody has judged you afterwards. No one cares if you let people through or not, but if you’re consistently slow, you are hated. With some people it’s like the group behind have more chance of dating your teenage daughter than being let through. 

There is no shame in letting the group behind through.

So there you go. If you’re stuck behind Jason Day this will never work, just enjoy the six hour show.

But if your stuck behind Jack, Don and Harold as they get away from the wife, they don’t need the hassle. Done the right way, it might just help you.

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