100% Betting On This Kid For The Masters!

Best. Name. Ever.

If there is nothing else in 2017 we can guarantee you this thing. Toto Gana will have the best name in The Masters this year!

The Chilean 19-year old won the Latin America Amateur Championships booking the dream spot at Augusta in April.

Young Toto was ranked a lowly 275 in the amateur rankings but what an incredible experience for the lad. Even if he shoots a pair of 82's or gets done for playing slow like that 14-year old Chinese lad from a couple of years back not many people can say they've played in The Masters.


Insert lazy Storm pun here...

To continue the incredible stories of the week Hartlepool lad and a man who probably won't mind being called a journeyman Graeme Storm beat Rory McIlroy in a playoff to win the South African Open.

Only a few months ago Storm had thought he'd lost his card in Portugal but was saved by everyone's favourite golfer Patrick Reed, who refused his, meaning the 38-year old was back in.

Storm is massively popular on tour and you can see why. The down to earth chap laughed and agreed when we told him taking 5-woods off tees like he did in the playoff is everything we stand against. Fair play.


Stupid scoring...

Justin Thomas made it back to back wins with the obscene scoring of 59-64-65-65 for the week in the Sony Open. This was a record but it was on a Par 70... which loads of people moaned about, which is the most mental thing ever.

2 weeks in a row he's looked well awks doing this photo

The #SBK2K16 star's two wins in Hawaii pop him into the World Top 10 and make him the biggest success in Hawaii since Kelly Slater or that rom-com with Russell Brand in which I can't think of the name to or be bothered to Google. You know the 'You sound you're from Landannnnn' one?

Anyway, now there is a Big Three, Four, Five, Six or Seven? Not sure.


And finally...

Proving tournament golf is rarely interesting until the back nine on Sunday the PGA Tour social accounts literally tweeted Jordan Spieth and Smylie Kaufman's whole canoe ride on one of the days.

This included an interview before they got in the water, the pair of them as they dragged a boat out, a bit when they were fishing but to be honest this is the only one you need to see.

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