It May Be Cold But Is This Worse???

It May Be Cold But Is This Worse???

It's f*****g freezing and golf is brutal when it's like this in the UK. We wrote our rant about it last week here but our writer Rob McEvoy who lives in Thailand seems to think it could be worse...

As a part time resident in tropical climes, the rant about the British weather caught my attention, and as I sit here with my cold beer, on a fanned balcony watching the evening sun set, I’m here to tell you how lucky you are.

Firstly, the sun that you see on TV as the pro’s play is not the same sun as you have. Here, it is hot, but hot as in “I might die” rather than “Shall I pack my light jumper?”.

This causes a number of issues.

Lee Westwood displaying the familiar English resistance to any heat

Firstly, playing here is a mission. Before setting off to play I double check that I have the following. Sunbrella, Factor 50, cap, reflective arm sleeves, at least three litres of frozen water, money to buy coconut water and Gatorade (for cramp), three polo shirts to play in, and a complete change of clothes, including pants, for afterwards.

A pre round practice putt is a compromise between holing a few and sweating so much your shirt needs changing, followed by 18 holes of trying to keep your glove dry and find cooler shade.

After playing, I consider it a success if I have no sunburn, can have a piss the same day and don’t wake up with cramp. How pro’s play five rounds on consecutive days in this weather is beyond me. 

And finally, there are the things that the British climate brings to golf...

Proper golf at Royal County Down... one of the greats

I love the wind, it makes golf fun. You don’t get links grass or turf here, which combined with the wind forms the purest and most entertaining form of the game.

Any golfer worth his salt would rather play on a windswept links every week than sunny target golf.

And last but not least, you have the long summer evenings to enjoy all this in. I’m not going to pretend that living in a tropical country isn’t great, but of all the problems with the British weather, golf is one of the least affected.

Something to think about as you trudge through the ice tomorrow. I’m off for a swim dreaming of links golf.

Inventor of ChippingPro (plug), likes links golf in the wind. Think Chad Campbell is a very handsome man