A Putter With Tech To Make The Ball Roll Forward!

A Putter With Tech To Make The Ball Roll Forward!

George Egford is our resident Equipment Guru. He's not interested in all the bollocks from the companies and tries to just cut through the jargon for you.

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Who? – Odyssey

What? – O-Works Putter

Why? – A new way to roll. Not your cigarettes.

How? - Microhinge Face Insert Technology that apparently will improve putting for all levels of players. 

For most of us, putting is horrendous. Let’s not beat around the bush. We love to hate it. One day you’ll roll in everything, the next day you can barely sink anything within two feet.

It’s the hardest part of the game and if you’re reading this and thinking it’s not, well then you’re deluded.

Luckily, Odyssey have released their newest range in putters for the forthcoming year. The O-Works. Sometimes it O-Works, sometimes it doesn’t O-Work. That isn’t the slogan but there may be a strong case for this to be…

Now for the last 20 years or so, Odyssey have been pretty well regarded for making putters. This is another string to their bow.

The craze about this putter is the Microhinge technology on the face. Without boring you too much, it’s a 304 stainless steel hinge plate backed by a soft inner layer which is designed to ‘gently flex’ and rebound at impact to generate forward spin.

This helps the ball to start rolling immediately... Ahhhh so that’s what happens when you hit a ball with a putter, the ball starts rolling!! Sorry Odyssey, but come on! 

If you want even more accuracy, Odyssey’s new Versa-T alignment system helps with this. It combines the black and white colour scheme with the Big T alignment lines, making it easier to see where you’re hitting the thing, hopefully towards the hole in the green.

Available in 11 ‘major winning’ designs. That doesn’t mean you’ll ever have a chance of winning a major with this. It also comes with premium aftermarket grips, including the Superstroke Slim 2.0 and other Superstroke options. 

Available from the 17th February.  A great valentines present for your Mrs.

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