Why Tiger Has REALLY Signed to TaylorMade

Why Tiger Has REALLY Signed to TaylorMade

Normally when we get press releases telling us that someone has signed for a specific manufacturer we immediately know what to do with it.

Select > Send to trash.

Who actually gives a shit what a tour pro is being paid to say is the best? It means nothing and if clubs were so different millionaire golfers would not be locking themselves to contracts. Leave that to the other more boring media!

But this is different...

This is the GOAT.

This is the guy who is still the most popular player in the game and he has signed to TaylorMade on a multi-year contract to play their clubs.

But more importantly he is paying them... (ALLEGEDLY) because he has bought a major share of the business as part of an investment group (ALLEGEDLY).

(For above ALLEGEDLY read as 'He blatantly has')

And it could prove to be a very smart financial move for a man who is looking to majorly focus on business interests nowadays with his new TGR brand.

Adidas have made no secret of their desire to sell off TaylorMade, and with the likes of Under Armour and others not particularly interested, old Tiger probably got himself a decent little deal.

These hedge fund/investy types he's in with ain't bothered about long haul plans or company overhauls are they? It's all about the MONEY! They just want in and out with a nice chunky return on investment... and who can move the dial more than the Big Cat?

Big Cat uses the clubs, sales spike, company value goes up, Big Cat and his cat pals get out.

All with the silence, stealth and efficiency of well...

A Tiger.




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