Whilst Donald Trump Is Signing Executive Orders Can We Make A Request??

Whilst Donald Trump Is Signing Executive Orders Can We Make A Request??

In order to access either tour a subscription to Sky Sports is required, which in turn means parting with a hefty piece of your hard earned cash. Do you think you're getting value for money?

I spent (due to bad weather here in the U.K.) my weekend watching both tours 'live'. The European event at Qatar was highly enjoyable finishing in a three-way playoff with the young Korean with the fashion trailblazer caddy coming out on top.

Now whether my frustrations were in line with my alcohol consumption into the evening I'm not sure but watching the footage supplied by the US networks from California was at times soul destroying. 

Periods of upto 20-30mins without seeing a shot, recorded delayed footage with shots out of sequence, countless pointless views of paddle boarders, people on beaches and whatever those guys with a big dyson fan strapped to their back were doing - we've all seen the adverts and know that life in California is a dream. 

We want to see some golf!!

And varied golf at that, the first two days were basically dominated by the marquee grouping of Day, Tiger and DJ. All three missed the cut and in round two I think any scratch golfer could have given them a run for their money.

Did we see any off the other players all in contention? Not really.

There were a few shots of Rose sprinkled in along with a few from Snedeker, I think I saw the lesser spotted Lowry once and even a bit of Beef. The US networks must thinks that's there is only 15 players competing. 

Now I know Sky - our broadcaster can't do anything about it, but and here's the worst bit while the US in the many commercial breaks, for Dairy Queen and Ford 5L pick ups Sky have cut to Sarah Stirk and Simon Holmes in the studio, which can only be explained as difficult viewing.

I cannot believe that this is the best Sky can do to fill the gaps in coverage. 

Donald - do something useful, forget the wall and the immigration policy and sort the golf networks out.

Make Golf Great Again.... it could be YUUUGE!

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