Thursday Rant - Jason Day doesn't care about slow play

Thursday Rant - Jason Day doesn't care about slow play

Jason Day said this about slow play in golf...

"You know, obviously everyone wants to speed up the game. That’s a big subject, to speed up the game."

"I don’t care so much about speeding up my game. I’ve got to get back to what makes me good. If that means I have to back off five times, then I’m going to back off five times before I have to hit the shot."

"For recreational golf, I understand. But for golfers that are trying to win and that one shot that could take you out of a play-off, that’s important, and you need to make sure that you get everything correct. We’re driven by results; we want to be the best and we want to do everything but the average Joe just doesn’t get it."

Day looking fresh in his new threads

And you know what I agree with pretty much every word of it.

Surprised right? Well let me explain.

If Jason wants to back away five times and feels that is best for him to win tournaments then why shouldn't he? He's playing for his livelihood, his legacy and to win.

Much like when Rory said it's not his responsibility to grow the game these guys are unapologetic in that they are selfish. That is often what it takes to get to the top of an individual sport.

And I kind of agree it is not the responsibilities of the players to do these things. It surely must be the responsibility of the tours right?

They are the ones who are selling a package of the game to sponsors, TV, media and others and most importantly they are the ones who pay the players.

It's pretty unanimous that this package would be better if it was sped up and it evolves to keep up with other sports and entertainment.

And there will be a whole host of the tour's own members who both behind closed doors and publicly hate the six hour rounds that come from slow play... that's before you speak to the caddies!!!

This photoshoot took 5 days

Yes Jason Day is star. Yes Rory is a star. But they don't call the shots for the simple reason that their interest and golf's interests are often two completely different things. And you can't have a go at them for that... it's normal.

But the tours need to grow some balls and implement some changes quick. You can't rely on Tiger for viewing figures forever and you only need to look at how other sport's have grown from it.

The Big Bash cricket in Australia at the moment, the darts we have just seen at Alexandra Palace. They made major changes and are the players moaning?

Are they bollocks?! They're all getting paid!


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