There is nothing wrong with your pink balls

There is nothing wrong with your pink balls

On first hearing that Bubba is changing to play with pink Volvik golf balls, in exchange for a massive pile of cash, I imagine you scoffed.

Many on golf forums have. Golf should be played with white balls, apart from maybe once a year when it’s a bit icy and you dig out the yellow Pinnacle, and coloured golf balls, are wrong.

And yet, unpopular though this may be for #GCWs, Bubba is definitely ahead of the game on this one.

Firstly, there is research on this colour stuff. People like colour. Colourful is fun. Kids love colours too, so he’s helping grow the game to juniors.

In Asia where I live coloured balls are already very popular, as they are in women’s golf. Normally when you ask, you will be told 'because it’s fun'.

Secondly, unorthodox is what Bubba does, and what he does quite well. Ping sold a shed load of pink drivers, and it does get coverage for the game. Also, he has two green jackets so he knows his stuff.

Finally, it doesn’t matter. Your woods were always made of wood. You didn’t mind that tradition changing when you added 20 yards.

Golf is meant to be walked, yet no one turns down a free golf cart. Football is doing OK despite black boots disappearing in the last 5 years.

Take a deep breath and chill out. For some, this makes golf more fun, and lead to more golfers taking up or staying in the game. That is a good thing. Bubba will be the first of many.

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