Boys playing with girls?!!!

Boys playing with girls?!!!

On a miserable Monday in January the Golf Channel managed to deliver a small ray of sunshine with the news that Jay Monahan (the new PGA Tour commissioner) is ‘exploring the possibility’ of including some female Champions to the unique Tournament of Champions event in future years. 

Now firstly this ties in brilliantly with one of my News Year’s Resolutions - Watch more LPGA. Secondly it would fabulously fulfil the demands of many, can the Ladies Golf gain more recognition and enter mainstream television viewing. 

What a fantastic opportunity this would be for the LPGA, and Ladies Golf, to showcase itself. This website, and many other news channels, have been criticised for their lack of coverage of the female in the sport, something that we here at GCW are going to endeavour to correct in 2017, but the sport needs further chances to succeed. 

2016 was a brilliant year for female sport stars, who would have thought so many of us would have got excited about our Hockey team at the Olympics, and Ladies golf needs to feed off the back of this, as well as campaigns such as ‘This Girl Can.’

Ladies tennis would be the perfect example to follow. Allowing both sexes to play alongside each other, as well as in teams, means that spectators, and more importantly sponsors, are willing to support and aid the growth and development of the sport.

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