Callaway Launch their new 'Epic' Driver

Callaway Launch their new 'Epic' Driver

Who? – Callaway

What? – Epic Sub Zero Driver

Why? – It’s that time of year...

How? - New Jailbreak technology, not to be confused with Jailbreaking your iPhone..


Well they’re all coming out the woodwork now!

New season means new releases and more reason to put us further into credit card debt after a hefty Christmas. Out with the old and in with the new and it’s no different here with the Callaway Epic series.

With a name like that it has to live up to its tag. Imagine if it doesn’t... 'The Epic isn’t great.' 

I mean they could have been a bit more adventurous. It’s like they’ve spent a whole year designing the thing, and run out of time when they had to name it!

So what’s new?

Apart from the dashing looks and a colour change, Callaway have introduced 'Jailbreak' technology that promotes faster ball speed, according to scientists down there. In a nutshell, it changes how the head and clubface behave at impact. Now for most of us, how the club behaves at impact is a sour topic, so it’ll be interesting to see how this new technology helps the less fortunate who hit one fairway a round! 

Callaway have also changed to a new aerospace grade titanium and triaxial carbon which in layman’s terms means this club is both light and strong. This also means that when you launch it 20 yards down the fairway in a fuming rage, it’s less likely to break!

You’ll also find that the head shape is slightly different with a tour inspired shape, otherwise known as round to most golfers. 

As with the majority woods these days, the Epic driver comes with adjustable weight technology but this year, the track has been re-designed to allow a further 21 yards in shot shaping. In reality though, it means you’ll be able to hit a slice/hook even further in the wrong direction.

For those who love a good shaft, the new Epic comes with four options; Project X HZRDUS Green, MRC Diamana Greenboard, Fujikura Pro Green and Aldila Rogue Max. A decent selection from some of the top brands and Yes they’re all ‘tour proven’ just in case you worried they weren’t. 

The Epic will be complemented with a set of fairways and they’ll also be releasing a Sub Zero version of the driver which you can only use in freezing temperatures. All available from the 27th January and the driver will RRP at a mere £469. Price skimming at its finest! 

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