The Fantastic Rory Interview you have to read...

The Fantastic Rory Interview you have to read...

It’s Monday morning in a PGA season so we’re all looking back at another event finishing and another winner being crowned.

I’m a huge fan of Justin Thomas – his role in SB2k16, his social media feeds are genius and he swings the club beautifully. So this is by no means an article about him in anyway and let me take a minute to add my own congratulations on the “W”.
What’s frustrating the life out of me about the mainstream and online golf press is the clambering over a new winner. Every Monday countless slow-mo videos are released and everyone says that this “is the best swing on tour” …
“He has the best position at the top on tour”

“He uses his big toe so well in his downswing”

“Look at that wonderful, full release”

“Bla, bla, bla…”

JT killing it with the weird moustache

Let’s just say it as it is, all of these guys are good. They all do something exceptionally well, otherwise they wouldn’t be on tour.

Let’s stop fumbling to fill the web with 'analysis' and start filling it with worthwhile analysis. Every Monday we crown someone else as amazing and predict them to win a million majors and then forget all about it the following week.
"You're never as good as everyone tells you when you win, and you're never as bad as they say when you lose." - Lou Holtz

So while I am on the topic of the press let’s talk about the best piece of golf journalism that I’ve read in a while (obviously outside of this site!). Paul Kimmage in the Irish Independent has released the first part of his sit down with Rory McIlroy. If you bring together an exceptionally honest and open pro with a very good journalist, throw in a good element of trust and you get a really brilliant read for the fans of golf and of Rory.
Paul disarms and engages Rory and gets him to open up like a patient would open up with their psychiatrist. The brutal honesty they talk in is so refreshing. The problem is that fast-forward one news cycle and we wake up to the sensationalised headlines about Rory resenting the Olympics.
Resent the Olympics? Okay it’s strictly true – those words came out of his mouth, but there is so much more to it than that. It’s to do with his identity and who he is and where he grew up.
But here’s the thing; what makes Rory so great is his openness and honesty. That’s what the press love about him. But what they don’t realise is that the more they twist and sensationalise his honesty into sound bites and headlines the more he’ll close up.

The golfing world hated the robotic nature of Tiger in his pomp, but we’re going the right way to push our other young, talented golfers into the same mentality. 

I know we’re under pressure to fit into this soundbite age and condense things down to 147 characters, but what made the Paul Kimmage article so wonderful was how in depth, wide ranging and simple it was. It was a transcript of the conversation. No write up, no twist, just one of the world’s biggest golfing talents and brand’s laying it out for us to soak in.
P.S Am I just a complete fanboy or did anyone else get goose bumps when they read the story about Rory and Tiger’s dinner in New York?
“I (Rory) said: ‘You’re not going to beat me.’ So we had this back-and-forth about some of the guys he’s (Tiger) beaten to win Majors and I said: ‘You’ve never had to face someone like me.’”

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