It's Finally Happening... Golf Is Getting Modern!!!!!!!!

It's Finally Happening... Golf Is Getting Modern!!!!!!!!

As Etta James once said... Atttttttt laaaaaaaaaaaaaaastttttttttt.

Finally golf is trying to do something different. Something that it has needed to do forever. And something that pretty much everyone agrees golf needs.

The European Tour have announced a short-form event, 6 holes team matches, Champions League format with shot clocks, mic’d up players, fireworks and music for May 6th-7th at the Centurion Club just outside London…

Or basically everything we suggested in this article here!

They played with ideas last year at the Hero Challenge at The Grove

Our audience have wanted this forever. Over the past few years every time we have done an article on innovating the pro game and TV golf people have loved it, engaged with it and come up with great suggestions.

So if you are a Keith Pelley type character you’d be both naive and just pig-ignorant to ignore it right? But in golf we are so used to the people running our game being both these things. There are just countless examples over the years and even in more recent times.

The tosspots at the Muirfield spring to mind.

So you have to say fair play to Pelley for putting his money where his mouth is, literally, they don’t have a sponsor yet. Although I’m sure they’ll find one easily enough and they might not be limited to banks and luxury items either.

But after years of seeing golf administrators do nothing I was always cynical of promises. Chubby Chandler told me Pelley was a good bloke and was going to do the right things but until it actually happens you’re never sure.

I mean we all remember his Ryder Cup Opening Ceremony speech where he came out chatting as if he’d spent three days with Dustin Johnson on an absolute hype ting!

But credit where credit is due, it does take some balls to act and not be all talk… 

This was both hilarious and cringe in equal measures but you can't knock his passion!

Although we’d argue some things are so bloody obvious every minute that goes by without doing it is a missed opportunity. Twenty 20 cricket has been going for 15 years now, whilst golf has done nothing!

This is just what golf needs. And not a moment too soon. We’ll be there in force for both work and play… so will see you there! 

Party anyone?

You can find out more about the European Tour's #GolfSixes here

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