We Want To See Patrick Reed Going Nuts This Week...

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Obviously I want to go to the Masters but I am yet marry a millionaire or be lucky enough to collect a golden ticket in the draw. So for now the event on the PGA Tour that remains on the Bucket List to visit is the Phoenix Open.

I also want to go to the darts at Alexandra Palace, these two sporting events have a similar crowd; you must like to drink and you must act a bit of a twat when doing so. I fill both these criteria so pretty sure I will be welcome at both. Anyone want to send me some tickets?

The Phoenix Open, with its raucous crowds, is not for everyone, Tiger has gone for some peace and quiet in the desert after all, but some players relish the prospect of being booed and cheered up the fairways. 

I really wanted to spend my evening writing about Rickie Fowler but his play has been pretty dismal recently, failing to make the cut last weekend. Rickie does love a crowd, evident by his second here last year (which was off the back of an Abu Dhabi victory), but so does someone else... so who is this week’s Player in Focus?

Patrick Reed

Phoenix Open - 33-1
Masters - 33-1
US Open - 40-1
The Open - 50-1
PGA Championship - 40-1
Number of Major Victories: 0


Master of the Ryder Cup, Reed, who was the highest scoring American last autumn, does not lack confidence.

In fact in 2014 after his third PGA Tour win he memorably stated; “I just don’t see a lot of guys that have done that, besides Tiger Woods, of course, and, you know, the other legends of the game. It’s just one of those things, I believe in myself and – especially with how hard I’ve worked – I’m one of the top five players in the world.”

With five PGA victories now under his belt World Number Nine Patrick is well on the way to making sure that statement becomes true. 

Why back him for this tournament?

Because he will not mind being booed when he misses a putt (not that he would do that obviously). In fact if Patrick hears so much as a whisper of a boo it will just egg him on to get an eagle at the next hole.

His record here is not sparkling, he was tied 40th in 2015 (did not play in 2016) and tied 19th in 2014 but after recording three top 15 finishes in his last three tournaments he is certainly worth some each way ££ at 33-1. 

Major Predictions

Well if you ask him I am sure he will say all of them. Still only 26, Reed has plenty of years ahead of him to claim his first Major but the stats are looking positive.

He has missed the cut just three times from 12 Major starts and recorded top 15 finishes in both The Open and PGA Championship last year. He is yet to break into a Major top ten but to be honest he could well do it in any of them, with his PGA record currently the most impressive. 

Extra Stuff to Reed

Patrick knew where his destiny lie at a young age. When he was 10, he stopped wearing shorts on the golf course because he saw that the pros had to wear trousers.

He was kicked out of the University of Georgia after a year, with the real reasons never revealed! He made his way to Augusta State, where he helped them score the National Championships in 2010 and 2011.

 Famously his now-wife Justine Reed caddied for him on his first two years on the PGA Tour.

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