Why Pros Better Start Shouting FORE

Why Pros Better Start Shouting FORE

Fair bit happened this week in golf.

I played with a Ryder Cup player Thursday, played Wentworth on Friday before a weekend where an 'injured' Rory McIlroy played golf with Donald Trump and Dustin took the absolute piss winning at Riviera and becoming World Number One.

But I don't want to talk to you about any of that... I want to talk to you about shouting 'FORE'.

This weekend Pat Perez hit three spectators in three holes and didn't shout once!

What kind of attitude is that? You've literally just smashed a rock solid object at someone and you're not going to warn them it's coming... give them a chance to hold their head or move?

You're getting paid well, because of these fans, and you're not going to shout?

I honestly think you have to be some sort of prick to do that. There is no excuse.

Even if you completely take away any empathy for anyone else apart from yourself it's still weird. When we're out for our knock on the weekend you shout if there is even the slightest chance it might hit or even go near someone... just common courtesy.

Fuck giving away a signed glove. That ain't going to make me feel better with a ProV1 lodged in my skull... especially one off Pat Perez.

So the tour need to grow some balls and fine these guys. And do it now. Heavily.

If not then we'll start a campaign where all the fans take tennis rackets and volley the fuck out of anything coming in their direction unnacompanied without a shout. 

Try playing it from the car park Pat you piece of shit.


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