Golf Is Back... Here's What We're Wearing!

The weather is back and we're all thinking about getting out to play golf as much as humanly possible.

And do you know what? We might treat ourselves to some new threads before we head out. That way at least when our dreams of shooting 69 are dashed we can feel safe in the knowledge we looked good shooting 89.

Our disclaimer here is we have been sent all of this stuff and that we both like and wear all of it too. If we thought it was crap it wouldn't go in... that's not to say you'll like it though, each to their own!

Personally I like to go either more fashoin style with J.Lindeberg or Lyle & Scott or more sportswear style with your Nike or Under Armour... so here are four pieces.



Absolute classic

Maybe it was the way I was raised but I was always taught to think about stuff you buy and how you could use it for multiple things... probably with embarrassing consequences as a kid.

But that's not to say you can't have nice stuff, just that it's smart if you are going to spend £90 on a jumper that you can use it.

This from J.Lindeberg is as classic as it gets. Super simple jumper that is really nice fit and warm for golf but I've worn it with some skinny jeans and even to nights out after those meetings. Coupled with a button up (sometimes top button if you're that way inclined) white shirt it's a strong look.



You can wear this and not look totally posh... trust me!

It's another absolute classic. Warm and fits a treat but to be fair probably not ideal for fat bastards... I'm on the edge myself!

Still pop it on with some decent jeans to get to the clubhouse then on course you can't go wrong.

Not 100% sure with the geezer in the pic wearing shorts. Think you're getting close to stockbroker tosspot in the tennis club there.



Not for everyone!

The dress code wankers at your local course are currently hyperventilating at the thought of kids wearing tights. Women doing it is one thing but surely not full grown men?

Well we can tell those pricks it's 2017 and Nike have got World Number Two Jason Day in them.

I wore them to play with Ryder Cup player Chris Wood the other day and you have to have ammo at the ready for the inevitable pisstaking but once you get past that and you have the balls it's all good... they're warm, incredibly comfy and in my opinion look good too.

Golf is a sport at the end of the day and it's no surprise to see it follow the suit of football, rugby, basketball and others where tights have been common place for a few years. Obviously golf is last to the party as per but there is no reason why they shouldn't be here to stay!



Such a solid look

Now the Nike look is not for everyone, totally get that. But that doesn't mean you can't want the sporty look and not look slick too.

That's where Under Armour come in. With Jordan their main man they're killing it in golf as well as basically any other sport out there.

The new Spieth One shoes are fresh and sit nicely alongside the Threadborne Jacquard Polo and the Matchplay Taper Pant pictured above.


Like we said you're probably gonna shoot 27 points now we're back into golf but let's look the part shall we?!

We all might have different tastes but these are some of our favourite looks at the moment. Check the title links above to check out their shit.


I'm the Managing Editor at The Club. I like putting and Rioja. I dislike my low slice.