Secret Tour Pro - Pat Perez Was Right. It's Over For Tiger

Secret Tour Pro - Pat Perez Was Right. It's Over For Tiger

The Original Secret Tour Pro tweets inside knowledge from the tour on his account here. Adam Scott says it's not him but who knows? Anyway he has written us an article about Tiger...

Most of the questions I've had to answer over the winter period back home have mainly been about Tiger Woods

"How will he get on in the new year?"

"Do you think we will see him again at his best?".

Giving an answer to these questions are tough, as Pat Perez found out over the last few days.

I don't think people realize how powerful Tiger is as a person, his life is ridiculously private, and when things get out in the public, he's very quick to shoot things down. Prime examples of this are stories I've revealed to my followers.

"Tiger sacks Chris Como" - I told my followers about two years ago that the pair had parted ways, the next day Chris arrives at the tournament like nothing had happened. He didn't turn up to many more tournaments after, and hasn't been seen with Tiger since the end of 2014.

"Tiger cant walk, lays down all day, has to ride with the seat flat in the car" - Again i told my followers this info, and within days a video of Tiger hitting a shot on a sim was produced. Yet in recent interviews he has openly admitted that he was worried whether he could play again, some days he couldn't get out of bed and walk, and recently has been told to stay "horizontal" by doctors.

My point is if Tiger doesn't want you to know something, he WILL find a way for you not too, no matter how truthful the story is. 

Lets rewind a few years, set your remote to 2010 when Tiger starts working with Sean Foley. If people want to look for a turning point in Tiger's career, then this, in my opinion, is where it all started going wrong.

At first you would have thought that they were a good match, Sean had worked with guys who had suffered injuries and given them better swings to match their injured bodies, brilliant, one must add, this was going to be a perfect match for Tiger. 

Fast forward to March 2011, and the first glimpse I had of Tiger Woods with his new swing, and from then it looked like it was only a matter of time before Tiger would suffer another injury. I am surprised that it took us to the start of 2014 before we started seeing it, wincing and being on all fours at Doral wasn't a pretty sight for him.

His whole swing looked painful and stressful on an already weakened frame which had gone before this moment, knee surgery, ankle surgery, hand, thigh, the list goes on. But the way Tiger was getting into such a squatted position, and the arc which it created in his back looked like a recipe for disaster. 

Fast forward to today and what do we have of the greatest golfer ever to walk this planet?

One that can't break par, one that can't swing a club without being in visible pain and one, that at current, probably won't be teeing it up for much longer.

He doesn't practice for as long as he could these days, and people that play with him say that he can barely walk a full 18 and usually rides round in a cart.

The days are gone where he could do several hours on the range, and its limited to around 30-45 minutes. Even the specially designed short game area in his home is barely used these days, apart from by his kids. To a point where Tiger has created a little nine hole course in his short game area, and he doesn't even hold the course record. 

Tiger's love for the game has gone and you can see that quite visibly, Pat Perez was right with his comments, Tiger is the needle in golf, he is the man that people still tune in to watch, no matter how many McIlroys, DJ's, Spieth's or Day's we have in the sport, until Tiger hangs up the clubs he WILL be the needle in the sport. 

The curtain is closing on the great man, could you imagine, a Sunday at Augusta, with the sun shining low, as the long shadows set over the 18th fairway, Joe LaCava carrying the bag up the 18th, Tiger's smile enlightening the patrons to a huge loud applause as he taps in a simple three footer, strides to log cabin and slips on a green jacket from Danny Willett and then announces live that that is it for him, and he's going out on the highest note?

Yup it's just that, a figment of imagination. Because most likely it'll be pissing down at Augusta on a Friday as Tiger misses a three footer for another round of 77 and misses the cut and days later announces he playing no more. 

Sadly it could well be the case, the curtain is drawing to a glittering, but saddening, end to this great career. 

The original Secret Pro, giving you insight, entertainment and opinion to life on the weekly Tour Circus. All opinions my own and honest, with a little help.