Rory's Statement On Trump

Rory's Statement On Trump



If you write anything online that even subtly mentions someone who has anything to do with politics people pile in from either side and have a go at you.

If that person is Donald Trump you can times that by 100.

"You're normalising a fascist dictator"

"You're a snowflake. Stick to golf mate"

To steal Rory's word, both are fucking 'ridiculous' btw.

Rory's statement on his dying phone

But he played golf with Donald Trump and because he is such a big deal it is big news. This won't have been a surprise to Rory, he's had this his whole adult life.

Whether a bloke playing golf with another bloke should be major news is a another matter, but the fact is, in this day and age, it is.

And once again. When that person is Donald Trump you can times that by 100. It serves top sportsmen well to be apolitical. Nike will sell more shoes if you stay that way.

So when a guy like Rory is as much as in the same state as someone like Donald Trump PR folk, publicists and sponsors will be getting fidgety and making plans.

It's probably a sad state of affairs that at the top level of sport money often rules over passions, sentiment or having basically any opinions or freedoms to do what these guys like. Just look at Ranieri sacking at Leicester for evidence of that :(

But you don't see the likes of Rory complaining when they sign up for the $100squillion endorsement deals. Unfortunately for them they sign away their rights to any opinions or associations that might hurt shoe sales. A problem most of us don't have to worry about!

The lads

Rory can play golf with who the hell he likes. But he's big enough and wise enough to know that being pictured with someone like Trump is going to piss some people off. The world, and especilly America seems to be politically polarised at the moment, you'd have to be under a rock to not notice that.

When that picture surfaced last week his publicists, sponsors and management obviously got into him and advised him what to do next.

But after Rory has played surely he has to own it? Either stay quiet or just say 'It's a game of golf FFS!'

His statement could have been a drafted PR statement cleverly disguised in notes on an iPhone with a cheeky spelling mistake in there to add authenticity. Or it could have been a passionate Rory sticking up for himself after getting a load of abuse.

Like many of these things we'll probably never know.

But as we said, very much tongue in cheek, with emojis FFS, to much abuse on Twitter, comparing your family and friends who you might not agree with to the most controversial mainstream political figure of a generation is probably a stretch.

Whether you agree or not with Trump politically, there is no denying he divides opinion.

'You are the company you keep' my Grandad used to say... although tbf he did used to say borderline racist stuff at the Christmas dinner table every year so I don't know who to believe?! He's brown bread now and I'm not the best golfer on the planet though so it probably doesn't compare. And in my defense as an 11 year old I was unlikely to boycott Christmas dinner on account of my Grandad calling Lenny Henry 'coloured'.

My dead Grandad aside, if Rory actually thought abuse he was getting online was 'ridiculous' he needn't have dignified it with a response. If the abuse upsets him though the best bet might have been to not be pictured with Trump in the first place.

Rory strikes you as a passionate lad who might impulsively just do and say things off the cuff, and I kind of like that about him. Conversely his PR team probably don't!

Rory flogging shoes

It's the unspoken known that professional golfers lean that way politically and the amount they get bummed on tax it's understandable... but don't expect many to be playing with 'Make America Great Again' caps no matter how much they are that way inclined.

Because that will simply limit the amount of clothes and golf clubs they can sell.

It's all ridiculous anyway right? Nothing's going to change so you may aswell have a laugh about it, just like the PGA Tour are.

Next week the WGC has moved away from its home at Trump's Miami Doral course to... Mexico.

And Rory will be making his comeback. 


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