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It's Over People... He Ain't Coming Back!

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It's Over People... He Ain't Coming Back!

This one is by Rob McEvoy. Rob lives in Thailand and evidently isn't as infatuated with Tiger as some of the other #GCW lads...

In the past week, many of my golf friends lost the plot.

Tiger Woods was playing in Dubai, yet for some it was like the second coming of Jesus Christ. Endless posting, TV coverage and comment ensued, ignoring the elite field taking part in a fairly prestigious event. Nothing mattered more than how Tiger was going to hit it.

And then, it went wrong. Tiger has a bad back. This is not news, as he has been injured for about 18 months.

This reappeared, and he didn’t hit it very well. I know this as my timeline was again full of people relaying this information, and TV channels analyzing everything from his swing to how he walked.

Oooh... me back

People, it is time for this to stop.

Even before his injury, Tiger wasn’t special any more.

He used to be, in say 2001.

But now, the world has changed. He isn’t that long any more. His short game isn’t very consistent. Although unreported, he probably wasn’t as prolific as others off the course.

The dream that he will come back from a year away and be the best golfer isn’t going to happen. He certainly isn’t going to win by 15 shots again, and you are never going to be 15 again.

Touch me

Tiger winning cannot turn back time.

Even if that was possible, chasing him like he is your first kiss who has come back to town for a weekend isn't going to help the situation.

What he needs is some time to readjust, get back into the groove of competitive golf, feel comfortable out there.

He doesn’t need Tiger Cam, Twitter feeds detailing every shot and the weight of the entire world's male population aged 30 – 40 staring at him like he is a naked Kylie Minogue.

If you love Tiger, be a bigger man and set him free.

EDITOR NOTE - Get f*&&^^%$$^&*! He's winning all four majors this year and we are all still 15-year olds playing 36 holes a day and eating cheesy chips for lunch! Long Live The GOAT!

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