Why You Never See A Bad Review Of Golf Stuff

Why You Never See A Bad Review Of Golf Stuff

We get sent a lot of free stuff. Maybe not as much as other people, but a fair bit.

The reason probably not as much as other people is because we are probably a little less trustworthy to a brand to guarantee a good review and basically regurgitate a press release or what they want said.

If we put out half the shit that hits our inbox you lot would think we were mental.

Here’s one on a shoe...

"The shoes incorporate a premium PU sockliner for additional comfort and a customized fit, along with a PWRFRAME TPU outsole that encases the midsole for lightweight strength and durability, increased flexibility and superior traction. The outsole also boasts DUOFLEX, anatomically positioned flex grooves that allows the foot to move naturally while still providing support with a low-profile cleat made with K5 for long lasting abrasion resistance."

I mean are they serious? And this is normal! Thing is it looks a good shoe but I haven’t the faintest idea what all that means… does anyone?

Anyway… when we get sent stuff sometimes we’ll give it a nice write up and let you guys know it’s out and that it looks decent but sometimes we’ll just not put it out. That's why we don't actually do that many... we're fussy I guess!

But it’s like when you get a bad Christmas present from an auntie, you don’t chuck it back at her or slag her off. You say ‘Thanks Auntie Pat. They’ll come in handy!’

We got sent some device the other day that retailed at like £200 and the thing didn’t even work… you couldn’t login to it, nothing. Tech things have to be idiot proof and we have the assembled idiots to perfectly test that theory!

So the lad from Under Armour pinged us a message the other day saying ‘What’s your size mate? Gonna send you out the new Spieth shoes’

Decent I thought. Under Armour is normally tidy stuff, should be good. Then they launched this advert with Spieth (Above) which was quite cool but loads of people on our social media panned them. 

So I was a bit unsure and was thinking I might have to let down the chap at Under Armour… who is actually a proper good lad. Mainly because he just talks to you normally.

‘New shoes coming out mate. You’ll like ‘em. Look sick, loads of our new tech that you probably don’t care about tbf but well comfy.’

So they showed up to the house and in my opinion in real life they actually look cool, they were well comfy and I’m sure the tech stuff is there… but I’m not a scientist so I'm probably not going to take them to a lab or anything.

Point being is most of us don’t want the bullshit. We just want simple. It’s a shoe for God’s sake and quite often it’s a matter of taste, with everyone's very different. But my taste is that I like them.

So I’ll probably be chucking my Footjoys in the bin.


Jordan's first signature shoe the 'Spieth One' is available from March 1st with an RRP of £150

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