5 Rule Changes That The R&A Should Do Instead

5 Rule Changes That The R&A Should Do Instead

Never thought we'd write an article on rule changes... Jesus Christ! Anyway here goes...

The R&A introduced a load of rule changes today and tbf to the old codgers they seem to have done a pretty decent job but we thought we'd come up with some more.

Let us know your favourite and we'll get it to the R&A before they eventually do their own ones in 2019!


1 - The Bandit Charge

An artist depiction of players shooting 50 stableford points

We all know that if you get a hole in one you have to buy everyone a drink but realistically how often does that happen?

Instead to discourage dirty bandits anyone shooting over 40 points has to get two jugs in. Kind of like in cricket. Anyone who shoots over 45 points has to buy everyone in the clubhouse a drink.

If someone shoots 50 points they will be hung by the neck from the front of the clubhouse and left there as a deterrent.


2 - The Paintball Rule

This rule will also help give military training to children which may be useful in current political climate

How many times have you been back in the fairway and the group in front have all left their bags on the wrong side of the green?

After their inevitable four putts they all traipse back slowly across the green before going back across the green again.

This rule would mean that as soon as someone leaves their bag outside of the designated area local school children in the trees armed with paintball guns are allowed to pepper the bags full of paint.

If the bags have trolleys then real ammo can be used.


3 - The OB/Lost Water Hazard Rule

Seriously just drop one you nob jockeys

This one is simple and a real time saver. No messing about if the ball is lost or out of bounds drop within two club lengths of where it went over... like a hazard. Three from there. Job done.

Seriously watching old Geoff hopelessly looking around in the jungle for five minutes 180 down the right of the 4th is soul destroying, just chuck him a Top Flite and let him crack on.


4 - The Hungover Reward

Get a bonus for going out

To make a more even playing field in club golf players are to be breathalysed on the first tee. Every milligram over the drink driving limit you are is an extra shot added to your handicap.

This is largely to stop the boring people who stay in on Friday nights to clean their clubs having an unfair advantage for the prizes over the ones who go out and get shitfaced until 4am.

Of course if you had to stay in on Friday for whatever reason the alcohol limit could be added to in the clubhouse on a Saturday morning to top up your shots... that would be acceptable and would also boost club coffers.


5 - The No Lay Up Rule

Players will be discouraged from laying up when inside of 300 yards to a green or by hitting anything other than their longest club on a non Par-3, by a rule which allows playing partners to snap said lay up club there and then.

This will not only encourage aggressive and exciting golf, it will give fun and stress relief to playing partners and help out the club pro with reshafting fees.

Which is your favourite or do you have any of your own that golf needs to implement? Let us know!

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