A New Member's Tale... Part Two

Sean's last article was all about him joining a golf club for the first time. Well worth a quick read before this here. Here is the follow up about the process now he's decided and the first few months...

So I just arrange to pay some money, I get a bag tag and off I go right?
So I understand this may vary from club to club and some are particularly modern and may not have any of these stipulations or archaic requirements, but I believe that many still do and here lies the part of the problem.

  • An introduction letter is to be written by the candidate giving a brief description of background i.e. occupation, sporting experience etc. (I was third in the 400m on my school sports day, but won the sack race... does that count?)
  • A letter of recommendation from two members of the club who are prepared to propose and second the application.
  • A current or last handicap certificate.
  • Letter of support from the candidate’s past golf club.

I actually needed less documentation to apply for a mortgage.
An interview will be arranged with the membership committee at a mutually convenient date and time. In view of the formal nature of the interview, applicants are requested to wear jacket, collar and tie. 
Sorry is there some confusion? I’m not applying for a job, I just want to play golf.
It goes on that my name will then be posted on a board for members to object to if they see fit etc. etc. et bloody CETERA!

Muirfield might be interviewing some women come tomorrow if they vote to allow them?!

 Please do not tell me that I’m in a minority that thinks this is just a tad OTT? Introduction letters, letters of recommendations, an interview!? In shirt and tie!!??
Now just to explain this is not an exclusive golf club as such, I responded to an advert in the local paper for new weekend members, Rick the Men’s captain (lovely chap) who actually interviewed me (and no I did not wear a tie) explained that the club's average membership age is well over 60 or something and they needed to do more to encourage more members of my age group, and even asked if I knew anyone else that would be interested…
Three months in and things were going well, me and a few mates that play had all joined up and were playing golf every week.

One Saturday lunchtime we headed down to play after the monthly medal to which we set about following the last group after they teed off at 12.30.

Queue a busy 2013 Club Champion (We knew this by the three-year-old embroidered jumper he was wearing) running over to the first tee to stop us and say the tee was booked up until 1pm for the competition.

Yes, but the pro shop said this was the last group that had entered.

“Doesn’t matter you’ll get in trouble if you don’t wait”

Trouble? Who with? We waited 10 mins for him to disappear and then teed off.
All in all we're loving golf and the club, of course there’s a learning curve  - Competition entry/formats/categories are all a bit of a minefield.

But in the whole it’s a pleasant place to be before, during and after a round of golf.

I’m sure there are more modern thinking clubs out there, but for every one of them I bet there’s a club that has a strict sock policy along with number of committees to whom the 2013 Club Champion is I’m sure a member of...

Maybe you know some from either column?

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