Arnie Was Cool As Fuck... But Are Any Current Golfers?

This morning we tweeted this...

And inevitably you guys came back with suggestions... 

Miguel Angel Jimenez

This pic should be the European Tour logo

At the age of 53 he's still probably top of the list. Smoking cigars, fixing up sports cars, smashing back Rioja and even starting a fight with Keegan Bradley ensure he is right up there.

Normally the ginger pubic hair like ponytail, weird Jeremy Clarkson gut and creepy wedding photos would hold a man back but the fact he genuinely gives off the impression he doesn't give a shit just makes 'The Mechanic' even better.

The reason he doesn't spring to mind immediately is he's been out of the spotlight for a while now plying his trade on the Champion's Tour.

Dustin Johnson

Dustin confuses me... and I think himself a lot of the time.

Many of you said Dustin Johnson was cool as fuck.

So let's go through it. 

His golf game is sick, can't argue with that. He bombs it and does everything extremely well and is cool and calm on the course.

His Mrs is smoking but tbh so is literally every golfer's on the PGA Tour. It's not particularly unique for a multi-millionaire... it's just his maybe flops her tits out on Instagram more than others?

His 'alleged' penchant for 'Columbian Marching Powder' is a bit more difficult. It's shrouded in mystery and we don't know whether Dustin just loved to party or whether he had a drug problem. The difference between Jordan Belfort (before it went all wrong) and some crack addict living in an underpass is quite vast.

Also, don't think we've ever heard him say one interesting thing. Maybe we're being harsh?

Henrik Stenson

His nickname is the 'Iceman'... did he give himself that? If so, fair play.

Now we are getting somewhere. Stenson seems to be getting cooler with age. 

His Open display where he played like a freak and walked in putts was immense and to be fair to the lad he seems pretty funny too. Apparently during the Ryder Cup his teammate Chris Wood said he did a stand up routine.

"Half was funny, half was weird Swedish stuff. Fair play to the lad though."

If we're being super-critical is he a little tour pro corporate? Pretty clean cut and without the edge or maverick style but if that's just him then fair play.

Also, just being Swedish makes you quite cool doesn't it?


The most refreshing thing in golf since you changed your pants after 18 holes in Marbella

He's got to be close right?

The guy is a whirlwind, an incredible nice and infectious chap but more than that, and I absolutely hate this phrase, what you see is what you get.

He's real, from a regular working class background in North London and hasn't changed his style, persona or banter even with the success of being a tour pro and attention attached to that.

You've just got to love The Beef. Can you be critical of him? Let's be nobs and say he has to go out and win a load of tournaments now.

Rickie (And his crew)

If you ask some middle aged guy in the golf industry or golf media he'll probably say Rickie Fowler is cool... and to be fair, he probably is.

He's the clean cut, All-American media/PR trained boy, and he's had some shockers with some of his gear, but we think he's trending in the right direction.

On his famous SB2K16 trip the tour pro guard was down and you could just see a bunch of lads having a good time... being a bit more real!

Anyone even close to The King?

But let's be honest. None of these guys are on the level of The King just yet... and may never be.

Personally I'd say only Arnie, Seve and Miguel have ever been 'cool as fuck' in golf but that's just my humble opinion, you'll all have yours.

Maybe like Eddie Pepperell says below times have changed and people expect different things nowadays?

Personally I just think if a few more guys took a leaf out of the Miguel and Beef book of just being themselves rather than worrying about media, sponsors and all that jazz we might see some more characters emerge?

The likes of Rory, Thomas Pieters, Bowditch and even the ever-philosophical Eddie Pepperell have potential to be the coolest in the game. 

But let's be honest it's all absolutely subjective and we'll all have our own opinions.

And as we have all seen trying to be cool has the exact opposite effect so maybe the pros could take something from this message that The King sent Rory... and just be themselves!

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I'm the Managing Editor at The Club. I like putting and Rioja. I dislike my low slice.