Nobody Is Cool Anymore

Wednesday we wrote an article saying there aren't any proper cool golfers and gave some candidates who might be pushing it. Well our writer Rob McEvoy has taken it one step further, he says nobody is cool anymore...

There is a famous Jeff Bridges speech from “The Newsroom” where he shocks the audience with the statement “America is not the Greatest Country in the World”.

The Donald might be trying to right that in his roundabout way, but no one is addressing the other sad fact of life.  

'No one is as cool as Arnold Palmer anymore'

Smoking on course in black and white looks cool

This isn’t just golf. I’m pushing it out there to all sports, and all of entertainment.

Arnold was a man of his time, and was cool because his time allowed it. He had a geeky nemesis, an everyman background and was something new.

Golfers, and other celebrities do all the things he did. They smoke, drink, live it up, they are handsome, they are stylish, have 'armies', fly planes, even have drinks named after them, but still, it isn’t coming across as cool in the way that Arnie was.

The common blame for this is 'it’s not the image the sponsors are looking for'.

This means that there is money in being dull, and most people need the money. There is no shame in this.

You only need to look at the Today's Golfer 'Cool Issue' above with Niall Horan and Justin Rose. They're probably really nice lads but could it be any less cool?

The big news, is that 'sponsors' means 'Mums'.

Mums buy things, and make household decisions, so sponsors want people or brands that appeal to them.  Mums aren’t cool.

And if cool stuff (I’m looking at DJ) does get out, people get hammered.

'He shouldn’t be doing that, he’s throwing away his career,' or 'he should be practicing his wedges'.

No one cool every public talked about practice.

More smoking. It really isn't cool kids.

So what do celebrities, and within them pro golfers, do? Well they don’t do as much stuff admittedly, but what they do they hide.

Having worked in pro sport, I know that a lot of sportsmen have different personas for public and private. No one is picking Henrik Stenson as the new Peter Kay, nor Jim Furyk as the new Eminem (google it).

It’s a defence mechanism that keeps the dollars flowing, because being publicly cool isn’t worth the hassle any more.

It’s a sad state of affairs, but even Arnold Palmer wouldn’t be cool these days.

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