We’ve changed our name… and we’re buzzing about it.

Over the past few months we have ummed and ahed over what to do? How to do it? When we do it? What will people think? And what should the name be?

But in the end we decided to do it the same way we have done everything so far. Balls out, punchy and whilst having a laugh.

We went for 'The Club' and I’ll tell you why…

The W

First up, like we said, balls out… the W in #GCW stopped us doing stuff.

The amount of people who said…

“We love what you do but that W gets in the way”

That’s doing stuff like giving us access to events, access to brands and... Yes... access to money.

Players was always fairly easy. Loads of the guys love what we do and got involved. The players we want to deal with are the ‘lads’ (And lasses!) who actually have something interesting to say, they are always keen and have been fantastic… our links to the guys on tour are good and that is only just getting started.

We love them. And hopefully they love us!

New series #Cheeky9 coming soon...

Changing the game

We genuinely want to change the game of golf. It sounds like a lofty ambition, maybe a stupid one, for something that started out as a Twitter account ripping the piss out of people with stupid trousers, but we are serious!

When you ask your mates why they don’t play golf it’s the same old answers…

‘Ah, it’s too expensive’
‘It’s too slow’
‘It’s boring’
‘You have to wear shitty clothes’
‘You have to deal with wankers at a golf club’

And as we know all these things are true to some extent, in some places. But there are many ways and places where these things aren’t so true.

You don’t have to spend thousands on gear, you can play at decent tracks for decent prices, you can have a laugh with your mates wearing cool gear and not every golf club nowadays is full of stuffy wankers.

Most people probably have an inaccurate image of golf? But we all know!

What's new?

But we need to get that message out there, with your help.

By keeping the humour and banter across all platforms that we’ve always had we want to create something that dispels all those myths and celebrates this game we all love.

Apart from the name though we ain’t changing anything. Our style is why we have become popular and if anyone from Ian Poulter or Dave down the golf club needs a good playful ripping, they’ll still get one!

But we want to take this shit next level.

A new YouTube channel that aims to be the most entertaining in golf. Banter with the pros, documentary series, comedy videos and whatever else you guys want!

The podcast is back. Firstly because you guys seem to love it. But more importantly because sitting in a room with Burton once a week is incredible for me personally!

And a series of modern apps that will help the regular golfer in their everyday life, all harnessing our community. 

The first of which will be called ClubTrader which will be out next week. A kind of eBay for golf but in an Instagram style… basically not a mission to use! More to follow on that.

And a shedload more too... 

The Beef Podcast - To quote Alan Partridge 'That's just great radio'

We need you

Because we want you to come up with ideas. Email us propositions and ideas. That’s all any of these other things or people with us are… it’s just young regular golfers with ideas who want to do something cool... and we've gone with them.

I’m sure some of you will be pissed off, tell us we’ve sold out or something, and that’s fine. (Even though we haven’t sold anything!)

But hopefully loads of you will be even a quarter as excited as us lads on what we about to do… because we’re all buzzing!

We genuinely believe we’re going to change the game. Like proper genuinely. 

The Club is you. It is all of us. The regular golfers, who have a laugh and love the game... and we want everyone to join.

But we’re always going to do it in our own funny way…

Because just like you… We’re all Golf Club Wankers really!

I'm the Managing Editor at The Club. I like putting and Rioja. I dislike my low slice.