#DownToScratch Weekly Blog #3 - Why Can't We Just Play Every Day?

#DownToScratch Weekly Blog #3 - Why Can't We Just Play Every Day?

In the third week of this blog I think I've encountered the thing that may stop me.

I haven't played golf!

Like many of you sometimes we just can't get out and play and that's lasted for two weeks now.

As much as we try to be an absolute lad with no responsibilities there will be times when we have to go to the other half's annoying mate's wedding or take the kid to Dinosaur Land or whatever parents do.

That's what parents do right?

My excuse was I went to visit family in Cornwall for Easter and couldn't be bothered to haul my clubs on the train for five hours. 

£100 for the privilege of sitting next to some fat bloke chatting about bullshit business projections on his phone to the whole carriage and those narrow aisles where trying to balance the overpriced shit coffee from the buffet and staying upright is like stumbling to the taxi rank at 3am from a nightclub door.

Your golf bag just add to this.

Literally everytime. Some melt talking about the Q3 numbers. STFU.

Literally everytime. Some melt talking about the Q3 numbers. STFU.

But it has got me thinking am I going to be able to play enough golf to reach scratch? I'm sure it is quality over quantity but that line has to go somewhere.

I'm fairly confident I've forgotten the lesson Chris at Pitch London (Give him a shout) told me a couple of weeks ago so it's a good job I've got one tomorrow... but as much like as I like pounding my balls into an HD screen there is no substitute for the real thing. 

(This is a crass self-fellatio analogy. I'm sorry, it's a Monday evening and I'm tired!)

Anyway, what I'm saying is in the UK we wait forever for it to be golf weather again then life can sometimes get in the way.

Oh well, three games in three days coming up this Friday on a boozy lads trip to Northern Ireland.

Quality over quantity he said.





New YouTube video will be coming from NI but you have to follow us on Instagram here as the story will be immense. Think #SB2K17 with way worse golf and way more drinking! #NornIron2K17

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