Who Wants A Custom Putter?

Who Wants A Custom Putter?

So you miss a one foot putt and your mate takes the piss out of you... what do you do? Like most golfers you blame your own putter...

But not everyone does this...

24-year old engineer Ian Raybon said 'Fuck you, I'll make my own putter.'

Lo and behold Ian does.

He comes back to the course with his new handmade precision milled wand and swiftly takes 10 putts thru 9 holes.

"Can you make me one?!!!," says his long term mate and PGA Pro 28-year old Gary.

This vid explains their story nicely... give it a watch!

Well fast forward on to today and the mates have launched Raybon Putters including their new site (literally today!) where you can custom make your own putter... think Nike ID for trainers but for sick putters.

It really is golf porn... you have to give it a go!

Anyway, two young British lads taking on the big boys, with a fucking cool product. We're right behind it.

Especially when they said they'd give #TheClub fans the chance to win one of their own. Honestly us lads here are jealous because they haven't given us one yet (Hint!)

So get involved by simply keeping tuned to our Twitter tonight during The Masters and all you'll have to do is give it a little retweet and follow their new account.



In the meantime follow their absolute golf filth Instagram here with putter porn that should belong on XVideos.

And build yourself a putter on their site here... it's proper addictive!

I'm the Managing Editor at The Club. I like putting and Rioja. I dislike my low slice.