Golf Being Innovative - The Good And The Bad Sides

Golf Being Innovative - The Good And The Bad Sides

This weekend the European Tour have their new #GolfSixes format at the Centurion Club. They're trying loads of new things including music, shot clocks, stands and it will be interesting to see what it comes out like.

We'll be there playing in the Pro-Am randomly for #TeamScotland thanks to Jameson Whiskey with Marc Warren and Richie Ramsay, a guy who Chris Wood said is so tight he'd go looking for Pro-V1's after a tournament!

If you're in the area come and we will snap hook a few at you outside the ropes and share a whiskey post-round!

On the other side of the pond we got tweeted a poll the ShopRite LPGA Classic were doing to give out a sponsor's exemption.

It is basically a poll to blokes to pick a fit bird who should get in a tournament.

I mean is it just me or is this mental? How the biggest female tour in the world thinks this is a good way to promote their sport?

There's nothing wrong with these girls, and if you're asking Susana Benavides, but not to play in a tournament ahead of girls that deserve it a whole lot more.

Golf does need to get creative to bring in more people but some ways are better than others.

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