Introducing #ThatsGolf - Golf Needs You!

Golf has a certain image. Whether it’s stuffy, expensive, you have to wear silly clothes or whatever else, it has an image.

But that’s not ’Golf’s’ fault. 

‘Golf’ is a game, with a set of rules, where you whack a ball into a hole with a stick. 

‘Golf’ doesn’t have feelings or opinions. 

‘Golf’ doesn’t give condescending looks or tell you to change your shoes.

‘Golf’ in its purest form is a beautiful thing. It’s that feeling of crunching a crisp 7-iron, or holing a long putt or being out in beautiful surroundings with your mates, relaxed and having a laugh. 

We can all strike a ball like Tiger Woods... some more often than others!

We can all strike a ball like Tiger Woods... some more often than others!

All of these are universal feelings, no matter what age, ability or sex you are. 

‘Golf’ is almost completely unique as a sport in this sense.

But somehow ‘Golf’ has been hijacked over decades and even longer. Certain people have commandeered the game and made it harder and put off millions of normal people from discovering or experiencing the game we love.

Because there are dress codes to be adhered to by the 'blazer brigade', there are membership panels to go in front of, there are exclusive £300 green fees and there are £800 sand wedges…

There are the condescending looks and tutting members who think they are better than others, there are the six hour rounds, there is the dull coverage of the professional game…

There are the people who don’t accept newcomers, there are the people who don’t accept young people, there are even the people who don’t accept people because they have the audacity to be of a certain sex!

Some people don't want others to share our great game

Some people don't want others to share our great game

But none of this is ‘Golf’.

The game didn’t decide to be any of these things.

For many of us golf is nothing like the things mentioned above...

For us it’s that enjoyment of playing with our mates, being comfortable in our surroundings having fun. A break from work, chilling and meeting down to earth people… and maybe even having the odd cheeky beer or two with them!

Oh… and a lot of laughing at your mates!

But not everyone knows these things like us. So it’s up to us to let them know. 

‘Golf’s’ image has been hijacked and tarnished for too long by the old guard… it’s time for us to take it back together, time to own it, the time for talking a good game is over.

Let’s have the real golfers deciding what is best for golf and being proud of the things we are know are so great about it.

I honestly think to play, it is the greatest sport in the world and I bloody love it!

We owe it to ‘Golf’… 


(and maybe a bit of...) #ThatsNotGolf

Over the coming weeks we'll be running a series of blogs and videos covering all manner of subjects.

From dress code, to pace of play to cost of golf to the attitude of golf clubs... and all we want is for you to give is your opinion on the subject... and have a bit of a laugh too!

Our audience are regular golfers just like us who love the game and we think we should be the ones making things happen.

Coupled with some of our friends and brands who share our ideals together we can make quite a splash and sort out some of the ridiculous things in our game.

You don't have to do anything. Just keep on playing, check out our stuff and let us know your thoughts... 


I'm the Managing Editor at The Club. I like putting and Rioja. I dislike my low slice.