Callaway Announce £1,749 Irons!

Callaway Announce £1,749 Irons!

We All Know These Guys...

You wanna know something?

You know that geezer at your golf club who inherited a load of money off his Gran 20 years ago and now thinks he’s Mark Zuckerburg because he’s a property developer with a few houses?

You know… all the gear...

Well he’s about to buy these irons.

Callaway have parked their tanks firmly on the PXG lawn with the money-no-object new Epic and Epic-Pro Irons that come in at an eye-watering £1,749.

Mental right? Could buy a decent motor for that!

When Your Boss Let's You Go H.A.M.

But Dave the property developer/student landlord and Keith who mysteriously sold off his ‘construction company’ will be chomping at the bit to unleash their wallets on these bad boys.

Because a few years ago Callaway’s CEO Chip Brewer (Yes… CHIP) approached their Head of R&D Dr. Alan Hocknell asking:

“If you could design the very best iron that you would play, if you wanted maximum performance without any limits to the cost or engineering process, what would that be?”

Well rather than hit Vegas with the company credit cards like most of us would have done the good Dr. Alan actually did it, and fair play they do look pretty decent.

(Either that or the price tag is trying to claw back some of Alan's Vegas debts?!)

Fairly predictably it’s more forgiving and gives more ball speed which is what us average punters want.

We Don't Do Tech

There’s some mad tech in there too but in golf media I’m going to buck the trend... I’m not going to pretend to know or care what all of it means but if you’re into it then I’ll pop a little video above for you to learn more… (Yeh, don't worry about it, it's cool)

Realistically these aren’t for most of us, luckily Callaway have other options for us unlike PXG.

But if I was Dave or Keith above, if I was a Russian Oligarch or a dude having a midlife crisis, then why not spend your money on your passion?

Can’t blame Callaway or them people for that can you?


These will be available on 16/07/17 so maybe start filing the divorce or applying for that paper round now yeah? More info on Callaway Website Here

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