#DownToScratch Blog - Being Hungover = Better Golf

#DownToScratch Blog - Being Hungover = Better Golf

My mate reckons he's well good at pool after five or six pints.

Another one is the same with darts.

But golf?

Well I just shot the best round I've done for a while and I was hanging. It was randomly scorching hot and I was sweating out... not a good look.

But I swung it smooth and my putting was almost automatic from 10 feet in. For me a 77 (+8) at Gerrard's Cross Golf Club (Very nice btw) is a decent knock and is definitely in the right direction.

But no sport's scientist is telling you to get lashed before a round, but maybe a sport's psychologist might?

I felt in a nice rhythm and rather than worry when I made two doubles in the first four holes I was more just trying not to be sick and hunting out water fountains.

Between shots rather than dwell on things I was just chatting shit with my pal and, like I say, looking for water fountains.

You go into your happy place and I wouldn't say the game becomes easy, Jesus Christ No, but you're just popping driver down the fairway, knock a wedge on, no drama.

Before you know it you've strung together a few pars or maybe chucked a birdie in there.

I really hope this isn't my thing because it's an expensive way of preparing for golf at £5.20 for a Peroni and I'm not sure becoming a functioning alcoholic is the way forward. Also my Mrs went nuts at me as I crashed in last night... can't be dealing with too much of that.

Sooo... things learnt...

1 - Being chilled on the golf course is the way to be

2 - I putt like Spieth hungover

3 - Don't go drinking with the caddies after the Wentworth Pro-Am






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