#ThatsGolf - 'Does Dressing More Casually Mean You Have Less Respect For The Game?'

#ThatsGolf - 'Does Dressing More Casually Mean You Have Less Respect For The Game?'

As part of our #ThatsGolf season where we positively celebrate what golf truly is, and what we'd all like it to be, we've partnered with Nike and TRENDY GOLF for this week's blogs on golf fashion and the never-ending dress code debate...

Start by watching this video which you might not see from many golf brands!!!!

But we'll end up with yobs...

Whenever we have done dress code articles before this comment has come up...

“If we relax the dress code you’ll just have yobs on the course running riot”

“You’ll have chavs in football shirts not replacing their divots”

“What’s wrong with tucking your shirt in?”

I for one don’t get this. I’ve never seen it myself. Maybe I don’t go to the right clubs? Is it just a snobby conception or scaremongering?

What I have seen is dudes in full Galvin Green and Footjoys leaving their divots unreplaced and not repairing pitch marks…

And I’ve also seen people wearing more modern golf clothes committing the exact same crime (that if I was running at this General Election would be punishable by a prison sentence!)

Point is, I’ve not seen any correlation between what people wear to play golf and their behaviour… maybe people can help me here with some insight?

Give customers respect

Now, in my utopian golf world I’m not talking about beer-bellied louts coming straight from eight pints of Stella in Magaluf to the golf course with their arse hanging out.

I’m talking about treating customers of your facility with the respect that they might be able to dress themselves without having a sign by the front gate.

If you like wearing polo shirts tucked into your suit style trousers with some Footjoy Classics that’s totally fine. Nobody will judge you. It’s cool. Do your thing.

But we're all different!

But polos are tailored now so that they can be worn untucked and look smart. 

They might not have a collar.

Trousers might be different materials or have a different cut… and say this quiety… there might even be different socks!

Shoes might be a different style to what you might like, or be used to, too.

But none of this, in my opinion, means people will have less respect for the game. Maybe on the contrary if clubs took less time acting as some kind of fashion police and more time educating golfers on respecting each other and the course we might all be happier? 

Let’s not focus on our different tastes in fashion, let’s let people feel comfortable in their own skin when they walk onto a golf course…

And then maybe together we can share in the things we all love about this beautiful game. The crunching of a 7-iron, the holed putt, our perfect drive.

Now #ThatsGolf

What do you think?

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