#ThatsGolf - Who Here Has Changed Into Their Golf Shoes In The Car Park?

#ThatsGolf - Who Here Has Changed Into Their Golf Shoes In The Car Park?

As part of our #ThatsGolf season where we positively celebrate what golf truly is, and what we'd all like it to be, we've partnered with Nike and TRENDY GOLF for this week's blogs on golf fashion and the never-ending dress code debate...

Start by watching this video which you might not see from many golf brands!!!!

Car park changing

Who here has changed into their golf shoes in the car park?

You’re running a bit late, you can’t be bothered with the changing rooms and why not leave your shoes in a safe place like your car?

But for some reason that’s frowned upon in golf, especially at posher clubs. Can anyone enlighten me? It’s a bloody car park where tyres run over gravel… it’s not the Ritz or your nan’s front room.

Well my new trick is to wear my golf shoes to the course. I’ll even wear them on a train or bus to the course.

Less luggage, no messing about getting ready and do you know why I’m happy to do this?

Because I think they look cool.

Old school

Can anyone remember those weird old golf shoes with the mad frilly bit on the front? I swear people were still rocking those when I first started playing the game as a kid.

Move forward a little bit and the traditional golf shoe hasn’t changed a great deal in looks. 

Much like a Hoover or Sellotape (Yeh I know random examples!) Footjoys are almost the go to term for the traditional looking shoe.

But not many people are gonna bowl about Morrisons in their Footjoys are they?

Much like yersterdays article ‘#ThatsGolf - 'Does Dressing More Casually Mean You Have Less Respect For The Game?'’ for me it’s all about letting people wear what they want.

If you like your Footjoys good luck to you, I ain’t going to stop you.

It’s just personally, and especially in the summer, I like the Golf Air Zoom 90 IT Golf Shoes Black/White - 2017 or the Golf Flyknit Chukka Shoe Black - 2017.

I was wearing them the other day and I got three separate comments off non-golfers, two of which were women, one was a kid, along the lines of…

“They’re golf shoes? They look sick.”

You could see the surprise on their face. You could see the cogs ticking in their heads. Maybe the previous misconceptions they had about the game might not be true?

And if we’re opening our game up by something as simple as the shoes you can wear that’s got to be a good thing right?

The kid even clambered along the floor and in for a closer look. And who knows? He could be the next Rory McIlroy?

All from a shoe.


What do you think?

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