#ThatsGolf - Do We Have To Wear A Collar?

#ThatsGolf - Do We Have To Wear A Collar?

As part of our #ThatsGolf season where we positively celebrate what golf truly is, and what we'd all like it to be, we've partnered with Nike and TRENDY GOLF for this week's blogs on golf fashion and the never-ending dress code debate...

Start by watching this video which you might not see from many golf brands!!!!

Back in like the dinosaur times or something collars were invented to keep your tie on. (I couldn't be bothered to Google the actual origin)

People stopped wearing ties to play golf in the 20's I reckon, with a brief reintroduction when Will Smith and MATT DAMOONNNNN starred in The Legend of Bagger Vance... which despite the budget still came nowhere near to Happy Gilmore and Tin Cup. FACT.

But in 2017 golf clubs up and down the land will insist on this dangly bit of material we call a collar to be worn at all times.

It took brands with some balls like Nike to break that. They tried once with Tiger in like 2000 with some turtle neck thing which was pretty bad tbf... and even worse on people who weren't built like, or could hit a ball like, 2000 Tiger (HINT - Nobody)

But nowadays with the Nike Blade polo times are changing. It looks like a polo, it feels like a polo, but where has the collar gone? Who knows? Who cares?

But why stop here? What is wrong with a smart t-shirt... especially in the summer?

Like if you hit a nice pub beer garden (The best thing ever) you might bang on a nice pair of shorts and a tshirt. You can still look good and if you're lucky and the ladies have been drinking enough Pimms you might do a bit.

Lady golfers, for all their rightful gripes with sexism in the game, have always had a lot more options on what to wear on the course.

Don't get me wrong I'm not sure I want to see Paige Spirinac style leggings on Dave off 23.8 but give the lad a bit of choice.

I'm all for looking smart, after all in 2017, in the age of the metrosexual, which man really leaves the house looking scruffy intentionally?

It's almost sad that it's Nike that have to push the boundaries of golf with these type of garments, because nobody else will take the risk, and the clubs ain't doing it themselves.

Because realistically, for most of us, this is the only blade we can look good with on the golf course!


What do you think?

Golf may be slow to keep up but this Nike collab with the slick fashion influencer Highsnobiety is making a charge...

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