TomTom Golfer 2 Watch - Literally All You'll Ever Need!

Everyone is different on the golf course.

Some of us are happy just knocking it about, measure the yardages by eye or pacing out the markers in the fairway.

Some of us love the laser/gun they get out like a pirate on every hole.

Some get our phone out and get an app out on our phone (which dies by the 12th)

Personally, I need something simpler than all that...

The TomTom Golfer 2 watch is soooo. simple... which is perfect for me! ;)

It is constantly changing numbers so whenever you look you have a distance to front, middle and back as well as how far you have hit the ball.

A tinder-style swipe right and you can see distances to carry bunkers and hazards and one more and you have your score.

All good, maybe all you even need.

But to get a bit cooler it links up seamlessly with the app on your phone to track your round and all your stats. And the best bit you pretty much do nothing on the course!

The clever accelerometer on your wrist* picks up when you've hit a shot and sends a message to TomTom's own satellite, before doing it again when you arrive at your ball, basically mapping your entire round.

*Single men please remove watch from your wrist off course as to not skew stats drastically ;) 

All you have to is pop your putts in as you walk off the green and job done.

That's pretty much it. I'm not going to take you through a load of tech, what more do you want?

The thing works, it works well and it's super simple.

With tech that is best thing I can say about it!

Get the TomTom Golfer 2 online here at American Golf... decent gift for Father's Day!

I'm the Managing Editor at The Club. I like putting and Rioja. I dislike my low slice.