We Are Buying A Golf Club!

OK, here's where we are...

Last night I wondered whether we could crowdfund a golf course. 

We realised making one from scratch would probably be very expensive, difficult and time consuming so we decided we should buy one.

Loads of you sent us golf clubs that were for sale and even offered to go check them out, I even had one owner drop me an email saying he'd chat to me about owning a golf club and about buying his!

We worked out they range from maybe £500k up to a couple of million for something realistic and probably thought we'd want somewhere that needs a bit of TLC that we could pimp up and redesign.

So before we get ahead of ourselves, knowing how difficult this might be to pull off, let's take things slowly. First off we will see if people are interested...

As I'm writing this there are over 6000 people who say they are willing to invest £100 in something, many saying they'd put in more. You could easily be talking £1million there...

Now I know clicking on a poll is a lot easier than actually parting with cold hard cash but it shows there is something right?!

And people have been emailing, DMing and commenting me their droves keen to push forward ideas, invest, help out... one American guy said he'd move over to work on our fantasy course!

And some of the ideas were great... and this is where we are at in my head...

- A purely democratic golf club owned entirely by shareholders with a maximum stake of maybe £500? This means there is no hierachy and everyone has equal rights on decision making. The stockbroker gets the same say as the taxi driver.

- No members. Purely a pay-to-play venue. This means there is no committee, nobody thinking they are better than anyone else and no stuffiness. The facilities would be run on demand and supply and could be booked through tech. 

- The venue could be anywhere but the main priority must be that it is financially viable. This is an investment not your new membership for £100! If it happens to be near your house then lucky you but we'll vote when we have options!

- Three loops of six holes with one of the sixes floodlit. Although the initial cost to do this would be expensive (maybe £100k+... be good if anyone knew about this!) it would ensure that the venue and clubhouse is lively at nighttime. Important in winter months! Plus floodlit golf is cool as fuck!

- The club is social too. Not in a traditional stuffy way but in a lively, modern way with music on and off the course, live sport inside and catering for men, women and families. Cocktails, creches and DJs. Ping pong, pool and pitchers!

- No dress code. Free hire clubs. A mini course that is free for kids. A slow play steward. Three halfway huts with street food and decent beer. 

- Run for profit but that will be re-invested into new sites. The aim isn't to make millions but to create cool places to play golf, have fun and to change the game for the better!

- That said shareholders will get perks. Regular events (Social and golf!)

- And most of all EVERYONE IS WELCOME. No matter age, sex, race, class or anything else. 

So now we need you...

We need you to be our eyes and ears. We need you to find us venues...

We need to hear what your strengths are. Maybe you buy property? Maybe you're a solicitor? Maybe you're a greenkeeper or manage golf clubs? Maybe you're just entrepreneurial and have ideas? Maybe you just love golf?

No idea is stupid and it can be your golf club. 

So maybe we should go on a journey? And we'll film the whole thing... so if nothing else it's fun to watch!

It's a dream, and it is definitely far off, but why not dream?


I'm the Managing Editor at The Club. I like putting and Rioja. I dislike my low slice.