Steph Curry Given A Tour Invite - Why Is It Only Golf That Does This?

Steph Curry Given A Tour Invite - Why Is It Only Golf That Does This?

Steph Curry has been invited to play in a event over in America.

For any Brits or Europeans who don’t know that’s a guy who is like the Messi or Ronaldo of Basketball… and it’s the feeder to the PGA Tour.

Steph Curry is an absolute superstar and is a bit of an all round dude to boot, comes across like a proper nice guy. 

He’s also one of those annoying athletes that can turn his hand to anything seemingly, playing off a handicap of 2.

But why is it only golf that does this kind of novelty thing?


You don’t see Lewis Hamilton having a little knock at Wimbledon or Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor having a run out up top for Stoke.

All other sports I can think of promote their own stars and sport.

The ones like Darts, Boxing or Cricket that craved and needed more attention evolved and became more creative with their offering.

They did not rely on the popularity of another sport to undermine their own stars.

Yet golf regularly does stuff like this. Whether its handing out invites to hot golfers from Instagram or whoring out Pro-Ams to the same old D-list celebs.

Anything but actually get creative, perhaps change formats and give their own stars the opportunity to be the main event.

Spieth’s chip in at the Travellers last weekend was epic sport. A young superstar, an amphitheater of atmosphere and a natural reaction.

Just cut out the boring stuff and create the best opportunity for that to happen as often as possible at all levels.

Go and watch a or Challenge Tour event... these guys can REALLY play. Let the hard-working and talented golfers be the stars.

Not some sideshow.

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