Our Take On The BBC's USPGA Coverage (In More Than 140 Characters!)

Our Take On The BBC's USPGA Coverage (In More Than 140 Characters!)

This BBC coverage is really shit. Like seriously shit.

So much so that I’ve not got it on yet whilst writing this. Instead I’m supping a Red Stripe and having a little throwback to Kanye’s first album ‘College Dropout’ before plucking up the courage to listen to that bird Maureen and Mark James.

Firstly, most people don't have a clue where to go and watch it. Is it on red button? Is it HD? Is it on iPlayer? Or a mix of the three?

The comments from people on Twitter yesterday were hilarious when I asked about it!

Us golf fans are upset.

Have you ever finished with a girl or boy and thought here we go… this is going to be great now. He or she was so annoying it can’t be worse that that surely?

Then you realise when you’re on your own and you have to sleep alone, do all the cooking and that your slobbering drunken chat-up lines don’t work on 2017 people?

That’s like Sky Sports Golf. We (Especially I) moan like fuck about them. Why is Mark Roe on my screen? Why are there so many adverts? Denis Pugh’s trousers are too short…

Denis Pugh needs longer trousers

Denis Pugh needs longer trousers


But when we see what the grass is like on the other side, we walk home alone crying into our kebab, we hear the BBC commentary team who don’t know who the players are… we realise.

It might not have been so bad before?

The PGA’s line was that they wanted a broader audience with free-to-air and online options which makes sense to an extent, if they can get a wider audience.

But this is almost defunct when the quality of the product is so poor or the host broadcaster puts so little budget, time or effort towards it. For every new viewer you pick up they’ll be put off by same old, same old. God, it’s enough to put me off golf and I fucking love the game!

Online is interesting but there has to be a model behind it. If a Google/YouTube, Amazon or Facebook chucked some money behind production that might be a model… but just giving it to BBC who are busy flicking off the Women’s Pole Vaulting Qualifying on their main channel is a waste of time.

The BBC fucking loves athletics

The BBC fucking loves athletics


Meanwhile on Twitter you have the likes of golf YouTuber Mark Crossfield, who is probably by himself in a phone box starting arguments on his iPhone, kicking off with the unexpectedly time rich Sky Sports guys, all trying to make a point on a complex subject in 140 characters like that will ever work.

Look it might work for old Trumpy on Twitter on nuclear holocausts and international geopolitics but not on golf’s TV coverage… people are way too passionate about that!

For those of us who pay for Sky Sports we are pissed off we are not getting what we signed up for in ALL the golf and the coverage we’ve come to expect. But to be fair I’m sure the Sky Sports golf team are too.

And for those arguing golf being free-to-air helps grow the game, in this scenario I’m afraid, in my humble opinion, you are talking shit.

For a person to get into golf they have to become inspired. This coverage is so dull if they manage to find it they’ll surely switch off in no time. And if they are a kid they probably ain’t even going to be up when the BBC properly come on air at 11!

The times of kids all huddled around one of four channels on a TV are over. The internet, social media, computer games and multi-channel TV mean kids’ attentions are all over the place and much harder to get hold of.

Fair play to the kids I still play computer games. Need to get their attention though!

Fair play to the kids I still play computer games. Need to get their attention though!

And for us adults we just want respite from our ever busier and stressful lives and for many of us that’s simply screaming at Mark Roe, agreeing with Nick Dougherty and sitting on the sofa, maybe with a glass of something, watching the only channel that have really shown golf for the last 20 years.

Because until that unicorn 10/10, total package girl or boy comes along, who is a lot better than we already have, anything else will probably be pretty crap.

Let’s stick to our side of the fence for now. We want what we know.

Anyway, time to listen to Alliss mistaking Jason Day for Tony Finau.

(Opens another three Red Stripes)

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