Golf is officially the most boring sport in the UK and it's brilliant!

Golf is officially the most boring sport in the UK and it's brilliant!


If social media was a golf club AGM it would be the guy sticking his head up at the back of the room and proposing something he has thought about for a while.

This would be followed swiftly by everyone else in the room shouting at the exact same time, giving their opinions on all manner of subjects, with the odd bit of personal abuse chucked in at him, normally on something completely unrelated, before they all simultaneously hurl a sleeve of Top Flites at the guy so he learns to never speak again.

Online this all happens instantly, before the proverbial room gets distracted by something else, maybe a junior with his shirt untucked, or a cat video, or Brexit.

This leads to one of two things…



A load of people who are incredibly dull and vanilla, afraid to voice any kind of opinion of their own, relying on consensus and the status quo to nod, like and avoid the Top Flite barrage.

Or the total opposite, the people who intentionally polarise opinion to pray on people arguing amongst each other, getting a reaction and thus the attention they crave, probably because they weren’t loved as children. Their opinions bounce around dependent on what will get the most reaction. See Piers Morgan. And maybe use your Top Flites.

It’s 2018 and our new year’s resolution was to use social media less. Don’t court attention for the sake of it. Quality over quantity.

 But we’re only human. You see something that’s interesting and you post it, naively thinking you can duck the Top Flite barrage and somehow inspire something interesting.

I saw a YouGov survey that showed that golf was the most boring sport to watch for the British public… the temptation was too much!


Boring Sport.jpg



Seems an interesting poll right? Especially given the fact golf is so far out in the lead! And seemingly it’s from a reputable source who have no reason to fudge the numbers, with a decent sample.

But our natural human reaction when something contradicts something we love or believe in is to disregard it. A bit of the old cognitive dissonance.

‘Athletics? Who the fuck voted on this?’

‘This can’t be right. I love golf!’

‘You have to play the game to enjoy it.’

But even after that I stupidly thought I’d put my hand up to death by Top Flite. I’d been suckered in. I asked a question…

‘Stop trying to pimp out golf.’

‘Let’s just keep it for that 30%’

‘Does there have to be a solution? It’s fine as it is, millions of others think so.’

And after all these comments it’s just a clusterfuck. There’s Top Flites everywhere and most of us have forgotten what the original point was after our couple of pheromone inducing social posts in the brain cell reducing confusion.

I’ve got confused even writing this shit… so where were we? Basically it's not simple and there are loads of questions... weirdly it might not be able to be answered in 280 characters!




Golf is the most boring sport to watch amongst the British public - FACT?

So what does that mean? - There is a massive opportunity to change people’s opinions and get way more people watching right?

What would that mean? Is there a correlation between viewers and participation? - Maybe? It can’t be bad right?

How do we get more people watching? Do people not understand golf? Can we explain it better? 
Is there a correlation between shorter, more digestible sports and more viewers? If so, can we change formats to offer this?

Is there correlation between free-to-air sports and perceived boringness? Can we get more golf on BBC? Is there presentation good enough?

Does the European Tour make money outside of the Ryder Cup? Does Sky Sports make money from the European Tour? Are golf viewing figures increasing? What percentage of golf’s viewing figures are the Ryder Cup and the majors?

Is it a preconceived image of golf skewing opinions? Can we change that image amongst these people? How?

Do we even care? Do people’s perceptions of golf affect our actual golf clubs? If they change the format of golf on TV does that affect my Monthly Medal?!

The last one is a bit of a joke, but kind of not too.


Rory asleep.png



When we love something we can be protective over it. We can be scared of change. We might want to keep it to ourselves just as it is for risk of losing what we have.

Especially when it’s not simple.

But when the Top Flites have all been thrown and we manage to take a step back we may just see a massive opportunity when seemingly so many people are yet to be won over on the sport we love.

We may have to change or tweak a few things? Innovate, even get into 2018… but let’s be real. Nobody is going to tell you to change your clothes, stop you from crunching that 7-iron into the 18th green or make you play 3-hole comps with two clubs and a windmill on the green.

It’s amazing how passionate we all are about the game we love.

I LOVE it when people get angry with us, even when they slag us off. It means they’re passionate, they care and maybe we've inspired something.

I love it when people come up with ideas, or get angry about things in golf. It means they’re passionate, they care and maybe we've inspired something.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could direct that passion and care into something positive?

And showed all these wankers who think golf is boring what they are missing.

I'm the Managing Editor at The Club. I like putting and Rioja. I dislike my low slice.