Changing the game

Coming Soon!

We're looking to hold one of the most enjoyable Amateur Open Championships in history for all of our followers!!
The first event will be in the UK followed swiftly by other National Championships globally so whether you're in Australia, Antarctica or Timbuktu get your name down, tell us where you're from and wait for the tournament to begin!!

We'll be using this 'Championship Priority List' before we open release to the world of social media. The entries for the exclusive tournament field are obviously limited per event to a maximum of about 120 of the finest golf fans in the world...! So make sure to be first on the invite list once the details of the event get finalised.

We're expecting music on tee's, challenges, product samples, tasters, giveaways, outstanding prizes for the winners and most importantly of all, creating content and a big party at the end of the day!

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